Business Administration

Almost 20% of Saint Michael's College students choose to major in business administration.  Our program consists of 12 courses and includes:

  • foundational courses such as statistics and economics
  • core courses such as accounting, finance, management, and marketing
  • elective courses and an experiential course requirement 

Our program is grounded in ethical and data-driven decision making.  Our curriculum is designed to assist new business students successfully navigate through the many facets of the contemporary organization. We try to strike an appropriate balance between theory and practice and to promote ethical decision making across all sub-disciplines in business (e.g. accounting, finance, management, marketing, and operations).

In your first business course, BU 103 Managerial Ethics, you will examine the ethical context in which contemporary managers operate.  After an introduction to the functional areas of business, the course outlines the various models of ethical decision making and gives students the opportunity to apply these models to various managerial situations.  In our business core courses, students will learn the theories and practices of each of the functional areas through readings, experiential learning opportunities, team projects, critical reflection and networking opportunities.  Students can further explore the functional areas of business through one or more electives.  All students participate in either a semester long internship or organizational consulting course.

In addition to completing the program coursework, students must also complete one of the College's minors (students completing a second major satisfy this requirement).