Business Plan Contents

The Enterprise Plan Competition has two rounds of scoring. The first round is conducted by the Business and Accounting faculty to determine the Top 5 teams that will represent the Department in the competition. The second round consists of a presentation and question and answer period by a distinguished panel of judges, generally made up of entrepreneurs, bankers, and seasoned business professionals from our local and extended community.

To be considered for competition, teams must first submit a 5-page executive summary, with full financials and assumptions, for scoring by the Business and Accounting faculty. In general:

  • Executive Summary: a 1-2 page high level view of your plan and why it will work.
  • Statement of Purpose: More detailed description of what your organization is about; its product, service, technology, philosophy, values, mission, are possible topics.
  • Marketing Plan: Customer description, market size, marketing approach, sales strategy, competitors.
  • Operations Plan: How the product or service will be made and/or delivered. Location? Capacity? Schedule? Staffing?
  • Financing Plan: How much money you need, where you will get it and how you will return it.
  • Financial Projections
  • Resumes

The Top 5 Teams will submit their 5 copies of their 5-Page Executive Summary (with full financials and assumptions) and 5 copies of their full business plan to be sent to our panel of judges.

Sponsor: Peter R. Worrell '79 H'06 and Dr. Kareen Kendrick Worrell '77

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