Education Studies

Are you inspired to make a difference in the lives of others? In your community? In the world? Have you ever considered how education, broadly defined, contributes to the advancement of human culture, the preservation of the natural world, the inclusiveness of organizations, and the health and vitality of democracy? 

The Education Studies major addresses these questions and provides you with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions you need to excel in a variety of career fields while simultaneously contributing to the common good. 

The Education Studies major at Saint Michael’s College:

Engages students in the questions: What is the role of education in a democracy? How does education change the lives of individuals? What does education look like outside of formal school settings? 

Enables students to develop the expertise necessary to be successful in a range of educational careers, or, for some, to begin their pathway to become licensed teachers. 

Prepares students to take the lead in creating more inclusive, just, and sustainable communities.

The Education Studies major at Saint Michael's College is an opportunity for students to study core foundation courses that focus on areas of education from child and adolescent development to curriculum to inclusion. Students will then select one of six concentrations culminating with two internships and Senior Seminar.

These six concentrations are: 

  • Early Childhood Education - Are you motivated to make a difference in the lives of young children and their families? This concentration provides you with the opportunity to examine the multifaceted needs of young children and values of early childhood education, preparing you to work with children ages three to eight and their families.
  • Education Policy - Is education a human right or is it a commodity? This concentration explores how governmental actions can reconcile the needs of society and individuals at a time when technology is challenging the traditional structures of schooling.
  • Environmental Education - Are you interested in taking a leadership role to raise ecological awareness? This concentration is designed to help you integrate knowledge of the environment with strategies and skills to work with children and young adults in nature or science centers.
  • Language & Cultural Studies - Are you curious about the role of language and culture in education? This concentration explores foundations of linguistics and language acquisition, the social and cultural dimensions of language, and the experiences of English learners and new Americans.
  • Museum/History Education - Do you have a passion for or a curiosity about museums or cultural centers? This concentration offers you the skills and experience on how to bring collections of art and artifacts alive for children and adults matching pedagogy with practical internships.
  • Special Education- Do you have an interest in supporting and educating children and youth with disabilities? In this concentration, you will develop the skills and dispositions associated with creating inclusive communities and changing the lives of all students both in schools and in the broader community.

The Education Studies major requires students to complete another major or minor that aligns with their choice of concentration. 

All Education Studies Majors will select a second major in the liberal arts or sciences or a minor (in consultation with an Education advisor).

Sample Four Year Plan for Education Studies Majors

First Year
Fall Spring
ED 231 Education in the 21st Century ED 251 OR

Child Development

    ED 271 Adolescent Development
First Year Seminar   Liberal Studies course
  Liberal Studies courses    Course for second major
  Course for second major     
Fall Spring

Education Studies Course 1 *selected with advisor ED 300 OR Teaching Social Studies and the Arts
    ED 361 Secondary Curriculum
  Liberal Studies course Liberal Studies course
  Course for second major   Course for second major
Fall Spring
ED 340 OR

Teaching in an Inclusive Elementary School

ED 370  Teaching in an Inclusive Middle and High School    
  Education Studies Course II *selected with advisor   Education Studies Course III *selected with advisor
  Course for second major   Course for second major
Fall Spring

Part 1 of Field-Based Internship ED 423 Part 2 of Field-Based Internship
Senior Seminar for second major Senior Seminar in Education
  Course for second major   Course for second major


*Education Studies majors will be expected to choose from one of six concentrations.

Students will choose three courses from the following depending on their concentration:

Special Education (choose 3)

  • ED 335 Literacy in Elementary Classrooms
  • ED 340/ED 370 Inclusive Classrooms (junior/senior year only)
  • GED 581 Social/Emotional Development
  • GED 612 Math & Diversity

Early Childhood (choose 1)

  • ED 241 Children’s Literature
  • ED 335 Literacy in Elem. Classroom
  • ED 340 Inclusive Classroom

And completes the following required courses in junior/senior year:

  • ED 357/GED 521 Early Childhood Foundations
  • GED 524 Early Childhood Methods

Language & Cultural Studies (choose 3)

  • ED 241 Children’s Literature
  • ED 325 Teaching Math
  • AL 101 Intro Language & Linguistics
  • AL 103 Structure of English Language
  • AL 220 Languages of the World

Environmental Education (choose 3)

  • ED 241 Children’s Literature
  • ED 339 Making Meaning
  • ED 327 Teaching Science/Engineering
  • ED 220 Coach as Educator
  • ED 301 Environmental Education

Museum/History Education (choose 3)

  • ED 339 Making Meaning (junior/senior year only)
  • GED 649 Arts: The Creative Process
  • GED 674 Multicultural Arts
  • GED 678 Heroes, Art, & Social Studies
  • GED 693 Integrating Art, Social Studies, & Language Arts

Educational Policy (choose 3)

  • GED 618 From Action to Assessment (junior/senior year only)
  • EC 333 Economics of Education
  • BU 103 Managerial Ethics
  • BU 214 Management
  • PO 120 Introduction to American Government
  • PO 332 American Constitutional Law

Valerie Bang-Jensen, EdD

Professor of Education

Contact Professor Bang-Jensen

Saint Edmund's Hall 320
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Teachers College, Columbia University MA, M.Ed., Ed.D
Smith College, A.B.

Areas of Expertise:

Children's Literature, Nonfiction, Literacy

Courses I Teach:

Digging Down to the Roots : The Meaning of Gardens (first-year seminar)
Literature for Children and Adolescents
Making Meaning: Content Area Literacy
Student Teaching Seminar
Nonfiction in the Elementary Classroom (Graduate)

Claudine Bedell, EdD

Associate Professor of Education, Director of Graduate Education

Contact Professor Bedell

Saint Edmund's Hall 304
Box 281
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Ed.D. Indiana University
M.Ed. Saint Michael's College
B.S. Purdue University

Courses I Teach:

  • Adolescent Development for undergraduates
  • Classroom Assessment Design and Practice
  • Student Teaching Seminar for graduate students
  • The Decision to Teach

I also supervise student teachers in the field.

Mary Beth Doyle, PhD

Professor of Education

Contact Professor Doyle

Saint Edmund's Hall 317
Box 281
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Ph.D., University of Minnesota: Educational Psychology
MA, State University College of New York at Buffalo: Special Education with Specialty in Severe Disabilities
B.S., State University College of New York at Buffalo: Elementary and Special Education

Areas of Expertise:

Curriculum design supporting students with moderate and severe disabilities in inclusive classroom communitites. Curriculum modification and design. Training and use of paraprofessional staff.

Courses I Teach:

  • Approaches to Teaching Students with Special Education Needs
  • Assistive Technology: Creating Access
  • Designing Instructional Programs with Students with Disabilities
  • Implementing and Evaluating Programs for Students with Disabilities
  • Peace and Justice Student Teaching Supervision
  • Teaching in Inclusive Middle and High School Classrooms

Daniel French, EdD

School Leadership Program Coordinator

Contact Professor French

Box 281
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Ed.D. University of Vermont
M.Ed. Plymouth State University
Honors Diploma, Defense Language Institute
B.A. University of Connecticut

Areas of Expertise

Dan is an experienced Vermont educational leader whose research interests are focused on various dimensions of educational systems change including ethics and leadership, board governance, Policy Governance, innovation, and Open Education. He is frequently consulted by school districts and policy makers on issues surrounding the impact of technology on the future of education.

Courses I Teach

  • From Assessment Into Action: Using Data to Transform Schools
  • School Leadership
  • Legal and Financial Management of Schools

James Nagle, PhD

Associate Professor of Education

Contact Professor Nagle

Saint Edmund's Hall 302
Box 281
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M.A., Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley
J.D. Suffolk University Law School
B.A. Georgetown University

Areas of Expertise:

James is co-director of the Middle Grades Collaborative, a professional development organization serving middle school teachers throughout Vermont.  James also serves as co-editor of the Middle Grades Review, an international, peer-reviewed journal for scholars and practitioners who wish to broaden the discourse of middle grades education in the areas of democratic education, innovation, and social justice.  His research interests are new literacies, personalized learning for students and pre-service  teachers, and professional development learning networks.

Courses I Teach:

  • Academic Literacy in Content Areas
  • Approaches to Teaching in STEM Fields
  • Co-teaching Academic Literacy for STEM Fields
  • Curriculum and Instruction in Middle and High Schools
  • Educator as Researcher
  • Middle School is Not a Building
  • Organization in Middle Schools
  • Proficiency Based Learning in High Schools
  • Student Teaching Seminar in Middle and High Schools
  • Teaming in High Schools

Amy Saks Pavese

Licensure Coordinator

Contact Professor Saks Pavese

Saint Edmund's Hall 310
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Ph.D. University of Colorado at Boulder
B.A., M.Ed. University of Notre Dame

Areas of expertise - Teacher identify formation

Preparing teachers to work with culturally diverse students
Educational foundations
Elementary math and science

Courses Taught

Educational Foundations
Student Teaching Seminar
Schools and Society
Student Teaching Supervision

Amy Knight


Contact Professor Knight

Saint Edmund's Hall 316
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B.A. Speech/Language Pathology from the University of New York at Buffalo
M.A. in Special Education from the University of Maine at Orono

Areas of Expertise:

Literacy and language development for students with disabilities, dyslexia, special education practices and law, co-teaching, differentiation, inclusion

Courses I Teach:

GED 643: Instruction of K-6 students with learning challenges in language arts
GED 640: Language and Learning
ED 340: Teaching in Inclusive Elementary Classrooms
GED 661: Special Education Practicum and Seminar

Jenny Stearns, M.Ed, M.A.

Instructor, Education
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Contact Professor Stearns

Saint Edmund's Hall 318
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B.A., Sheffield Hallam University
M.A., Education Management, Sheffield Hallam University
M.Ed, Sheffield Hallam University

Areas of Expertise:

Early Childhood Education
Children's Play, Development and Learning
Reflective Practice in Education

Courses I Teach:

Student Teaching Seminar
Schools and Society
Educational Foundations
Child and Adolescent Development

Rebecca Wigglesworth, M.Ed.


Contact Professor Wigglesworth

Saint Edmund's Hall 306
Box 281
View Full Profile
B.A. Stanford University: English
M.A.T. Brown University

Areas of Expertise:

Middle and Secondary Literacy, content area reading and writing.

Courses I Teach:

  • Schools and Society
  • Middle and Secondary Literacy (graduate and undergraduate)
  • Student Teaching Supervision

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