Sample Four Year Plan for Art Education Majors

First Year
Fall Spring
AR 205 Drawing  ED 231 Education in the 21st Century
First Year Seminar AR 251 Survey of the History of Art 
  Liberal Studies courses     Liberal Studies courses 
Fall Spring
ED 251
or 271
Child Development
Adolescent Development
AR 209
or 219
Painting with Oil
Painting with Acrylic
AR 215 Digital Imaging ED 300 Teaching Social Studies and the Arts
  Liberal Studies courses    Liberal Studies courses 
Fall Spring
ED 340
or 370
Teaching in an Inclusive Elementary School
Teaching in and Inclusive Middle and High School
GED 649
or 678
Arts: The Creative Process
Heroes, Art, and Social Justice
  Art History  AR 225 or 235  Sculpture 
  Art elective    Junior Seminar 
Fall Spring
ED 423 Practicum ED 428 Student Teaching Seminar
GED 651
or 674 
Hands On: Learning In and Through the Arts
Multicultural Art
ED 475 Student Teaching Internship
AR 382 Topics in Studio Art     
AR 415 Senior Studio     

An Art Education major is a double major in Education and Art. For more specific information about Art course options and program requirements please refer to the Art Major page.

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