Sample Four Year Plan for Education Studies Majors

First Year
ED 231 Education in the 21st Century
First Year Seminar
  Liberal Studies Classes
ED 251 Child Development or ED 271 Adolescent Development
  Education Studies elective
Courses for second major or minor
Liberal Studies Classes
ED 300 Teaching Social Studies and the Arts or ED 361 Secondary Curriculum
ED 340 Inclusive Classroom (Elementary) or ED 370 Inclusive Classroom (Secondary)
  Education Studies elective 
  Courses for second major or minor 
  Junior Seminar 
  Education Studies Senior Seminar
ED 499 Education Studies Internship
  Education Studies elective 
Courses for second major or minor

Education Studies majors also complete a second major or minor.

In careful consultation with an Education department advisor a student selects three additional courses from Education or from other departments that enrich his or her specific focus.

Students will culminate the Education Studies major with a field-placed internship (2 course equivalent) and accompanying seminar course where students will complete a professional portfolio.

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