Education in 10...

1. Employment

Some of our graduates are now working public and private schools across the country and around the world, from Champlain Elementary in Burlington to teaching in the Marshall Islands.

2. Internship Opportunities

You will work in school and community placements beginning in your very first education class at places including:

  • ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center
  • Local elementary and secondary schools
  • COTS (Committee for Temporary Shelter)
  • Winooski Community Center
  • Refugee Resettlement Programs

3. Children's Books

There are over 10,000 different titles in the Children and Young Adult section of the Durick Library to assist you with planning curriculum.

4. Teaching Materials

You will have easy access to a variety of instructional resources to practice teaching in any subject area. We have several thousand children’s books; math manipulatives; leveled texts for teaching reading; software for designing lessons: Inspiration and Kidspiration, adaptive technology (Ablenet switches, audio output devices)

5. Technology

You will have easy access to technology including the Smartboard, hardware, software, websites and more.

6. Study Abroad

During your semester abroad you may study educational practices in other countries. Many of our students find opportunities to work with children in other countries and learn about the local educational systems during their semester abroad. Recently, students have found placements in Italy, England, Australia, Ghana, Ecuador, and many other countries around the world.

7. Creativity

You will awaken your creative soul. Because our students learn about Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, our professors often build varied ways of response into their courses. For example, in Social Studies and the Arts, students use drama, music, and movement to inform their understanding of history, culture, and the arts as knowledge themselves.

8. Double Majors

Education majors also pursue a second major. This ensures that you will be able to study an additional content area of interest (e.g. Environmental Studies, English, Math, American Studies among many others.)

9. Diversity

You will have multiple opportunities to teach students with a variety of characteristics including students from other countries and students with disabilities.

10. Student Teaching

Your experiences in the schools will increase in both time and responsibilities until you are student teaching full time for one semester.

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