FAQ - SMC/UVM Program

FAQs: Enrolling in the Saint Michael's/UVM Engineering Program

Do I have to start the Engineering Program in my first semester at Saint Michael's?

If you are interested in the Engineering Program, it is best to sign up right away so that you are assigned to an Engineering Advisor who can plan the program with you. It is just as important to take the necessary courses in your first year: the appropriate level of Calculus and also College Physics. If you take these courses, you can join the program before the start of your sophomore year; but if you don’t take these courses, it is very hard to catch up.

How many engineering majors are there at Saint Michael's?

About 10 to 15 students each year advance to the sophomore-level engineering courses. A few of those decide to switch to other majors, so recent graduating classes have had about six to 12 engineering majors.

When do I have to decide which engineering discipline I want to specialize in?

When you sign up for sophomore-year courses, you have to make some choices. Students who are interested in civil, environmental, or mechanical engineering take the same courses through the fall of sophomore year; electrical engineering majors sign up for different courses.

Can I live in Saint Michael's Student Housing all five years?

Yes. Many students choose to live on campus at Saint Michael's during the fourth and fifth year of the program. In that case, your tuition bill comes from UVM, and your housing bill from Saint Michael's.

FAQs: Exploring Opportunities at Saint Michael's

Is it possible to study abroad as an engineering student?

Generally, yes. But it takes careful planning and it may depend on the particular engineering program you are in. Usually it is not possible to take engineering courses while abroad.

Can I participate in the Honors Program as an engineering major?

Yes. The requirements are as specified in the Honors Program Handbook. The Senior Capstone Project will be done in conjunction with a senior engineering project subject to approval by the Saint Michael's Honors Program Coordinator.

Can I get summer internships?

UVM helps more advanced students find engineering internships with local firms. Funded summer research experiences are sometimes available at Saint Michael's in related areas like mathematics or computer science with faculty mentors. Students have recently been funded through NASA and National Science Foundation Grants. Students can also apply to national summer programs at government-funded agencies such as NASA.

Can I play varsity sports for Saint Michael's?

You can play the full four years of NCAA eligibility at Saint Michael's, even while enrolled in the final two years at UVM.

FAQs: Transitioning to UVM

How do I transition to the UVM portion of the program?

In the spring of your third year, you make a formal application for transfer. UVM guarantees acceptance for 20 Saint Michael's students provided they have met the academic requirements of the program.

What if I don’t meet the requirements when it is time to apply for transfer?

You can still apply for transfer to UVM, but admission is not guaranteed. Alternatively, you can apply to other schools for transfer, or you may be able to complete a degree with a non-engineering major at Saint Michael's. Generally, at least an extra semester is required.

Am I still a Saint Michael's student when I move to UVM?

Yes, you are considered a Saint Michael's student as long as you are in good standing in the program. Even though UVM becomes your host institution for the last two years, you are entitled to Saint Michael's student privileges including library and gym use and participation in student programs like MOVE, LEAP, and the Wilderness Program.

Is transportation to UVM provided?

Saint Michael's does not provide transportation. The city bus system (CCTA) is available free of charge to all Saint Michael's students, and UVM is only a few miles away on a direct bus route. However, most students choose to carpool to UVM for classes.

FAQs: Understanding Tuition and Financial Aid

Are there any additional costs other than tuition while I am at Saint Michael's?

Your Saint Michael's tuition covers the cost of tuition for the courses you take at UVM in the first three years of the program. However, there are some UVM student fees which must be paid by the student.

Does my Saint Michael's Financial Aid Package carry over to UVM when I transfer?

No. When you apply for the transfer to UVM in your third year, you also apply for financial aid through UVM. Need-based aid is determined using the FAFSA; Saint Michael's scholarships cannot be used for the UVM portion of the program.

FAQs: Receiving your degrees

When do I graduate?

You receive both degrees at the end of five years. You may participate in both the Saint Michael's and UVM graduation ceremonies at the end of the fifth year. Many students have friends graduating after four years, and would like to participate in graduation events at that time. If you are in good standing in the program and have completed enough credits to be on track for graduation, you are allowed to participate in senior activities at the end of your fourth year, and walk at graduation. (You are listed in the program with the anticipated degree, but don’t actually graduate.)

Can I graduate in less than five years?

Maybe. It depends on your level of preparation. Five years is standard. But if you have many A.P. credits and can fit in some summer courses, it may be possible to finish more quickly. This may mean transferring to UVM sooner. This is something to discuss with your Academic Advisor.

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