English in Three

From introductory seminars on the New Yorker and Road Trips to senior seminars on Monsters and Endings, students can experience the best of the English Department at Saint Michael's College in only three years.  Through the study of literature you will have the opportunity to examine yourself, encounter difference, and embrace complexity, all while staying on the fast track to your college diploma.

In order to graduate in three years, you will work with thoughtful, passionate teachers who will provide one-on-one academic advising to help you make the most of a dynamic, engaging and challenging English program.

Here is an example of what a schedule would look like in order for you to graduate with an English degree in three years; individual paths may vary:

Degree in Three

First Year
1st Fall 1st Spring 1st Summer
EN 110 - Seminar in Literary Studies EN 221 - British Literature II Quantitative LSC*
EN 251 - American Literature I PH 103 - Introduction to Philosophy Historical Studies LSC
First Year Seminar Social and Institutional LSC* Artistic Experience LSC
Elective Elective Elective
Second Year
2nd Fall 2nd Spring 2nd Summer
English upper level course EN 253 - American Literature II Global Issues LSC
Foreign Language I English upper level course Science LSC
Religious Studies LSC Foreign Language II Elective
Elective Elective Elective
Third Year
3rd Fall 3rd Spring  
EN 325 - Critical Theory EN 410 - Senior Seminar  
English upper level course English upper level course  
Philosophy/Religious Studies LSC Elective  
Elective Elective  

*LSC stands for Liberal Studies Curriculum. Learn more about the LSC requirements 

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