Private Instructors

Vocal and Instrumental Instructors


  • Piero Bonamico, theater
  • Amber DeLaurentis, jazz and theater
  • Adam Hall, classical
  • Nikki Juvan, theater and classical
  • Allison Mills, classical and theater
  • Victoria Drew Wacek, classical



  • Rick Belford, guitar
  • William Ellis, guitar
  • Jerome Monachino, guitar
  • John Rivers, bass and bass guitar
  • Fran Pepperman Taylor, violin

Winds and Brass

  • Nadine Carpenter, oboe
  • Timothy Cummings, bagpipes
  • Steve Klimowski, clarinet
  • Laurel Ann Maurer, flute 
  • Brian McCarthy, saxophone
  • Alan Parshley, French horn
  • Kate Stein, bassoon 
  • Jason Whitcomb, trumpet


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