Psychology in Three

The Psychology department at Saint Michael's College will expose you to psychology in its many forms, from neuroscience, to cognitive, to clinical and now, thanks to the Degree in Three program, you can gain that experience and your diploma in record time.

Students in the Psychology program are frequently out in the field working in alternative school classrooms, mental health agencies, and crisis centers, or back in campus labs researching issues such as the effects of stress on health, or of video-game playing on thinking skills. The faculty at Saint Michael's will help you become adept at formulating meaningful questions while also providing personalized advising to help you finish your academic goals. 

Here is an example of what a schedule would look like in order for you to graduate with a Psychology degree in three years;  individual paths may vary:

Degree in Three

First Year
1st Fall 1st Spring 1st Summer
PS 101 - General Psychology
Psychology Elective I Psychology Elective II
First Year Seminar PH 103 - Introduction to Philosophy
Historical Studies LSC
Foreign Language I Foreign Language II Elective
Elective Science LSC* Elective
Second Year
2nd Fall 2nd Spring 2nd Summer
PS 213 - Psychological Statistics PS 215 - Research Methods Psychology Elective V
Psychology Elective III Psychology Elective IV Global Issues LSC
Religious Studies LSC Literary Studies LSC Elective
Third Year
3rd Fall 3rd Spring  
PS 450 - Practicum I: Interpersonal Skills
PS 460 - Practicum II: Working in the Mental Health System  
Psychology Elective VI Psychology Elective VII  
Philosophy/Religious Studies LSC Artistic Experience LSC  
Elective Elective  

*LSC stands for Liberal Studies Curriculum. Learn more about the LSC requirements 

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