Sample Four Year Plan for Anthropology Track

First Year
Fall Spring
AN 109 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology  SO 101 Introduction to Sociology
Foreign Language I  Foreign Language II 
First Year Seminar  Liberal Studies course
Liberal Studies course Liberal Studies course
Fall Spring
AN 209 Research Methods of Anthropology AN 217 Social Inequalities
Liberal Studies course SO 301 Foundations of Sociological Theories
  Elective    Liberal Studies course 
  Elective    Elective 
Fall Spring
Study Abroad  AN 333 Anthropology of Refugees
Sociology elective
      Junior Seminar 
Fall Spring
AN 341 Culture, Illness, and Healing AN 420 Capstone in Anthropology
Sociology elective Electives

Anthropology track students are required to study abroad in a non-Western country. Majors are encouraged to take elective courses in psychology, history, economics, political science, global studies, gender studies and media studies and digital arts.

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