Exploratory Program

Many students come to St. Mike's unsure about what major they want to pursue. In fact, in recent years, Exploratory has become our largest "major" for first-year students. We think it's wise to get to know the college experience from the inside and explore various disciplines before choosing a specific course of study.  

Exploratory students are encouraged to enroll in courses which will broaden their understanding of the available fields of study and refine their thinking toward finding the right match. Often, the vehicle for this search is through the framework of the Liberal Studies Requirements, which expose students to the diverse options available through 29 majors and 25 minors, or an approved self-designed major. Certain majors, because of the nature of knowledge in the field and accreditation requirements, require an earlier decision than others; students should be aware of these restrictions as they examine their options.

The most important factor for an exploratory student is to be open to advice. You will be assigned a faculty academic advisor who will be prepared to answer questions on virtually any academic topic. Your advisor will also be able to guide you in your efforts to decide on a major field of study.  After you have selected a major, you may wish to change your advisor, preferring a faculty member who is especially knowledgeable in the specific area of your academic interest.  We also have offices in Academic Support Services, Career Development, and Personal Counseling staffed with trained counselors who will offer you any assistance for your personal welfare.  They are ready to provide you with guidance to help you to improve your study skills, identify your career plans, or resolve a personal problem that might be on your mind.

Finally, everyone in the Academic Affairs Office is always available to help you.  If we do not have the answers to your questions, we will at least know where to find them for you or whom to recommend.  Remember that the principal reason that all of us are here at Saint Michael's is to help you in identifying and achieving whatever goals you set for yourself.  Never hesitate to ask us for guidance.


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