Frequently Asked Questions about the Waiting List

What number am I on the waiting list?

At this point, there are no students "on the list." While we have offered the opportunity to remain on the waiting list to nearly 200 students, we don't know yet how many will opt to be placed "on the list." We will not rank students until we have determined if we can admit any students from the waiting list. At that time, we will re-evaluate each applicant, including any additional information we have received (i.e. additional grades, letters) to determine who will be offered admission.

I have been admitted to some schools and am required to place a deposit to hold my space for the fall, but I want to attend Saint Michael's. What should I do?

Most colleges, like Saint Michael's, subscribe to the "Candidates' Common Reply Date" of May 1st. We strongly encourage you to deposit at your second choice school so you will have an option for the fall. This is not uncommon and most colleges, including Saint Michael's, understand that a certain number of deposited students will withdraw before enrolling. If we are able to admit you from the waiting list, you will receive a grant of $250 for each of the first two semesters you are enrolled at Saint Michael's in addition to any financial aid for which you may be eligible, provided the total amount does not exceed your need as determined by the FAFSA. If you are admitted to Saint Michael's, you will be required to pay a $500 enrollment deposit here.

When will I know if I will be admitted from the waiting list?

We determine if we can make offers of admission to waiting list students and contact those who we can admit as soon as possible after our May 1st deposit deadline. We must wait until the deposit deadline to know how many admitted students will accept offers of admission. Most years, all waiting list decisions are finalized by the middle of June.

How will you decide who is admitted from the waiting list?

We will review our enrollment numbers and take into account a variety of factors. Most importantly, Saint Michael's carefully considers each student's most current academic performance and how seriously he or she has approached the recent months of their senior year. We encourage you to send your most recent grade report if you have not already done so and welcome any additional information about your recent accomplishments outside of the classroom.

How many students will be admitted from the waiting list?

Each year we are unable to answer that question until we know how many deposits we have from the admitted students compared to the size of class we hope to enroll. We were unable to admit any students from the waiting list in 2014, while in 2013 we admitted several students who enrolled. There have been some years when we admitted nearly all who stayed on the waiting list.

Will I be considered for financial aid?

We will consider each student who is offered a space in our class for financial aid (a FAFSA must be on file with us to be considered for need based aid), although we cannot say for certain how much institutional aid will be available at the end of the process. Federal and state aid programs for which applicants are eligible should be available, as will student and parent loans.

Will I be eligible for campus housing?

All Saint Michael's students are required to live on campus unless they reside with their families or they have received permission to live off campus. Students offered admission from the waiting list are guaranteed student housing and will be placed in first-year residences.

What should I do next?

First, submit your request indicating you wish to be on the waiting list. You should make sure that we have your most recent high school grades and testing scores (if you want them considered). If you have accomplishments or qualities we may be unaware of, let us know about them. If you have not yet met with an admission staff member, you may want to schedule an admission interview.


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