Facts for International Students

Saint Michael's College is a 4-year university that offers top-level academics and an excellent environment for learning and living. It's a great university for success in career and life.

  • Founded in 1904
  • Rated among top 10% of US universities and colleges
  • Approximately 2,000 undergraduate students
  • Vermont rated among safest and healthiest US states
  • Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges
  • Average class size: 19
  • 93% of faculty have highest degree in their field

Rankings & Accolades

Saint Michael's College is consistently rated among the top 10% of universities and colleges in the United States.

  • Saint Michael's is included in the Fiske Guide to Colleges, regarded as the most authoritative, most prestigious directory of colleges and universities, and Princeton Review's Best 376 Colleges. U.S. News & World Report ranks Saint Michael's among the "Best National Liberal Arts Colleges" and Newsweek/Kaplan named Saint Michael's one of 30 "Hidden Treasures" - "small schools that deserve national recognition."
  • Saint Michael's was ranked 88th out of 650 nationally in Forbes magazine's "Americas Top Colleges" 2011 edition, focusing on the things that matter the most to students: quality of teaching, great career prospects, graduation rates and low levels of debt.
  • Saint Michael's has a Phi-Beta Kappa Chapter on campus. Phi-Beta Kappa stands for academic and research excellence, and fewer than 10% of universities are awarded this privilege. 

Are our Graduates Successful?

After receiving a Bachelors degree from Saint Michael's, over 95% of our students enter the work force in a variety of careers or continue their education in a (post) graduate program. Our most prominent graduates have found fame in politics, business, the arts, and other fields. More recent graduates are profiled here.

Why do US students choose Saint Michael's?

Each year we ask our new students why they selected Saint Michael's over all the other universities in the United States. Their top-5 answers are: academic excellence, good relationship with faculty, size of Saint Michael's, location in Vermont, and a social conscience.

The Average US Student

All kinds of students attend Saint Michael's, but if we had to provide a general profile, it would look like this:

  • Top 25% of their class
  • B to B+ Average
  • Common SAT Score: 1600-1890
  • From New England, Colorado, New York, New Jersey
  • Upper middle-class families of European descent 

Saint Michael's has a Liberal Arts Core

What does this mean? Liberal Arts do not constitute a course or a specific program. It is an educational approach that teaches skills as well as critical thinking, leadership, communication, and how to succeed throughout one's entire life. Famous graduates of liberal arts universities include U.S. presidents, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and famous writers. Barack Obama graduated from a liberal arts school.


Undergraduate students may receive valuable work experience with any one of a multitude of employers throughout Vermont. The Office of Career Development helps international students to identify and receive suitable internships. Because Saint Michael's is well-known throughout Vermont and New England with an excellent reputation, students are welcomed in all kinds of jobs, including banks, businesses, theatres, newspapers, television studios, non-profits, and others.

Located in Vermont

Saint Michael's beautiful campus is located just moments from downtown Burlington, a great university town and the cultural center. Burlington was recently named the "safest and healthiest city in the United States" by the US government. The state of Vermont is home to some of the best outdoor activities on the east coast of the United States, including skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, biking, and sailing. We are a two hour drive to Montreal, three hours to Boston, and a short flight to New York City.

We Take Care of International Students

Few universities know how to take care of international students as well as Saint Michael's. International students are supported throughout their stay, starting when they are met in person at Burlington International Airport (BTV). All students are supported by international advisors throughout their tenure at Saint Michael's.

Housing & Meals

Saint Michael's College is a "residential university," which means that most students live on campus in close proximity to fellow students, faculty, and all university facilities including the library, dining halls, athletic facilities, theatres, and club meeting spaces. Residential universities provide a supportive and friendly environment without the concerns of having to shop for food, arrange home repairs, commute to school, etc. Generally, the costs for living on campus, once meals are factored in, are quite reasonable compared to living on one's own.

Because Saint Michael's College is a residential university, on-campus housing is not available for undergraduate students older than 23.

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