Academic Offerings

Subjects & Majors 

Saint Michael's offers students 30 different subjects. They include Business, Finance, Environmental Science, Media Studies & Digital Arts, all the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities.

Pre-Professional Programs

Over 90% of graduates in our pre-medical and pre-law programs are accepted into the strongest post-graduate programs in the United States. Saint Michael's also offers a 5-year cooperative program in Engineering, from which students graduate with a BS in Engineering and a BA in their second major. 

ESL and Pre-Academic Programs

Saint Michael's offers Intensive English and pre-Academic programs to prepare international students for their Bachelor's degree program.

Pathway Programs (Conditional Admittance)

Students whose English is not quite strong enough to succeed in a full-time Bachelor's program may apply for conditional admittance and enter a Pathway Program

Transfer Students

Saint Michael's College accepts applications from students wishing to transfer from their home university after one semester or longer. These are typically called Transfer Students though their programs are sometimes referred to as 2+2 or 2+3. Transfer students with weak English may apply for conditional admittance.

Short Term and Non-Degree Programs

International students interested in non-degree programs are welcome to study for periods of just one or two semesters in the subjects of their choice. Students with low English scores are welcome. These are sometimes referred to as exchange programs.

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