Durick Library Disaster Preparedness Plan

Durick Library Disaster Plan (.pdf)


A: Disaster Team Responsibilities
A1: Disaster Team
A2: Library & Information Services Staff List
A3: Supplemental Personnel
B1: Disaster Supply Stockpile
B2: National Suppliers and Service Providers
C: Communication Plan
D1: Data Processing Plan
D2: Recommendation for Data Backup
E1: Emergency Funds
F: Fire Safety

G: Floor Plans

     Lower Level   
     Main Level
     Upper Level

H:  Packout Form
I1: Inspection Checklist
I2: Building Vulnerabilities: Brief List
J: Insurance
K: Operations Center
L: Salvage Priorities--Detailed
M: Salvage Procedures
N: Keys
O: Evacuation
P: Emergency Salvage of Moldy Books and Paper
Q: Durick Library Emergency Chart
Q2: Hostile Intruder
R:  Facilities Policy

S: Training Checklist on Emergency Preparedness


Maintained by Elizabeth Scott