Peace and Justice

Students, faculty and staff at St. Mike's share a serious commitment to social justice and service to others. Many students decide they want to make our award-winning MOVE volunteer programs central to their student experience here. A Peace and Justice minor complements that inclination through classroom studies. The minor ignites greater awareness and action among students of all spiritual and cultural backgrounds but also gets to the heart of this college's mission "to enhance human dignity and human culture in light of the Catholic faith".

A commitment to service is prominent in the tradition of the Edmundite priests who founded our college. Love of God and neighbor is at the root of this tradition, and the parable of the Good Samaritan suggests that the people whose needs we can serve are indeed our neighbors. Service is based fundamentally on an acceptance of social responsibility not only for other individuals but also for our community and society. An understanding of how you might fulfill this responsibility in today's world is an important objective of your Saint Michael’s education. We see an important two-way relationship between service and learning, and this minor directly cultivates that.