Nominate a Future Knight

Do you know someone who might like Saint Michael's College as much as you? We are always interested in high school students who might want to learn more about Saint Michael's, we just need you to let us know who they are.

Referring High School Students to Saint Michael's

What happens when I refer a student to Saint Michael's?

We'll enter his or her name, address and high school graduation year into our database. We'll then send the student information about admission to Saint Michael's.

Does the student have to apply for admission to Saint Michael's?

While we hope that the student will want to apply for admission to Saint Michael's, they do not have to.

What kind of students are right for the Nominate a Future Knight program?

We are interested in bright, motivated high school students in any grade who are considering post-secondary education. They can be students in your family - sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, granddaughter or grandson - as well as family friends, classmates, the babysitter, paper deliverer, altar server or your neighbor.

Does the student need to already be interested in Saint Michael's?

No. The student may not even be familiar with Saint Michael's. By sending us the student's name, you are giving us the opportunity to introduce Saint Michael's to the student.