Residence Life Staff

Lou DiMasi
Director of Residence Life / Dean of Students

Alliot Student Center Room 103
Box 267


Megan Ohler

Director of Residential Operations & Systems/ Associate Dean of Students

Alliot Student Center Room 103
Box 267


Moise St. Louis

Director of the Center for Multicultural Affairs and Services / Associate Dean of Students

Alliot Student Center Room 223
Box 267


Kerri Leach

Coordinator of New Student Initiatives / Assistant Dean of Students

Alliot Student Center Room 208
Box 267

Responsibilities Include: New Students, Transfer Transitions, TLC Program Coordination

Supervises: Lyons, Joyce, and Ryan Halls 


Brian Lee

Coordinator of Residential Housing & Summer Operations / Assistant Dean of Students

Pontigny Hall Room 118
Box 267 

Responsibilities Include: Housing Operations, Room Assignments, Residence Hall Association Advisor

Supervises:Townhouse/Apartments/Residence Hall 4


Kimoi Seale

Coordinator of Multicultural & International Programs and Educational Initiatives / Assistant Dean of Students

Alliot Student Center Room 223
Box 267

Responsibilities Include: Center for Multicultural Affairs and Services, GEAR, Programming, Graduate Students

Supervises: Cashman Hall 


Jeff Vincent

Coordinator of Community Standards & Student Conduct / Assistant Dean of Students
Alliot Student Center Room 205
Box 267 

Responsibilities Include: Conduct System Management, GREAT Housing Coordinator, Staff Selection & Training

Supervises: Pontigny and Canterbury Halls


Catherine Welch

Coordinator of Health Education, Outreach, & Assessment / Assistant Dean of Students
Alliot Student Center Room 110
Box 267

Responsibilities Include: Title IX Education, Health Education, Staff Selection & Training

Supervises: Alumni Hall / Quad Commons


Denise Tougas

Office Manager / Housing Operations
Alliot Student Center Room 103
Box 267

Resident Directors

Daviah Lawrence (Alumni Hall and Quad Commons)

Taylor Donnelly (Joyce Hall)

Angelique Agudo (Lyons Hall)

Tino Tomasi (Ryan Hall)

Derick Logan (Cashman Hall)

Maggie DiMasi (Pontigny & Canterbury Halls)

Natalie Zimmer (Residence Hall 4, 200s)

Stephanie Lewis (Hodson Hall, 100s, 300s, 400s Townhouses)

Neera B.K. (Ethan Allen)

Ricard Bernache (RD / Graduate Assistant in Student Activities)

Resident Assistants / Apartment Community Advisers

Each residential area is staffed by Resident Assistants (RAs) or Apartment Community Advisers (ACAs) . RAs and ACAs are undergraduate student staff members who have primary supervisory responsibilities for a wing or floor of an individual residence hall or for an apartment or suite living area. RAs/ACAs participate in an extensive interview process. They also participate in a week of training prior to the beginning of the school year and attend various trainings throughout the academic year. Students are encouraged to get to know their RA/ACA as "first line" contacts for assistance, information, support, referrals and, in many cases, friendship. RAs/ACAs are supervised by a Resident Director.

Resident Assistant Job Description 2016 2017

Resident Directors and Assistant Resident Directors

Resident Directors (RDs) are graduate student staff members who live within the area that they oversee. Their responsibilities include developing their resident communities, supervising the RA/ACA staff in their area, and articulating and enforcing policies. RDs attend training workshops prior to the beginning of the fall and spring semesters and throughout the year. RDs are, in turn, supervised by an Assistant Dean of Students.

Assistant Deans of Students

The Assistant Deans of Students (ADs) are full-time staff members who have received Masters level degrees within such areas as college student development, counseling psychology, and education. ADs have responsibilities within the Student Life Office and oversee one or more residence areas.  Assistant Deans each report to one of the Associate Deans of Students.

Associate Deans of Students

The Associate Deans of Students are full-time staff members reporting to the Dean of Students and Vice President of Student Affairs.  Each have received Masters level degrees or higher within such areas as college student development, counseling psychology, and education. Associate Deans have responsibilities different areas of Student Affairs – Student Activities; Center for Multicultural Affairs & Services; Residential Operations & Systems. 

Dean of Students / Director of Residence Life

Under the guidance of the Dean of Students /Director of Residence Life, the Residence Life staff works in conjunction with other members of the Student Affairs staff as well as other campus staff members and departments to better meet the needs of the student community.

Student Staff Selection Process

The RA selection process has been designed to allow each candidate the opportunity to be evaluated on both an individual and a group basis; the candidate will be involved in two interviews plus a group process night. After each, an evaluation will be completed and added to your application file. At the end of the process, all files will be reviewed before final decisions are made.


All candidates must be full-time undergraduate students at Saint Michael’s College with an overall grade point average of 2.2. Grade point averages are verified as part of the selection process.

Period of Employment

Staff members are employed for a nine-month period beginning with a workshop prior to fall opening and ending with the closing of the halls in the spring. Some summer employment will be available. New staff members may be asked to attend some staff meetings and in-services prior to the end of the spring semester.


In exchange for their services, Resident Assistants and Apartment Community Advisors receive a single room and a stipend paid which is installments throughout the year. Returning Resident Assistants will receive an additional amount for increased responsibilities.

It is important to note that if you receive Work-Study as part of your financial aid, the RA/ACA position will replace your Work-Study position.

Application Process

To apply for a Resident Assistant Position, please apply online through Human Resources located on the mySMC portal page.


If you have any questions about RA/ACA positions or have questions during the selection process, feel free to call Lou DiMasi, Director of Residence Life at 802.654.2566.

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