First Annual Spoken Word Competition

Students particpate in the first annual Spoken Word Competition, hosted by accomplished poets: Daniel Custódio, Melanie Goodreaux '95, and Elizabeth Acevedo.

daniel custodioDaniel José Custódio, an award-winning slam poet, author, and teacher, is one of the most recognizable names on the spoken word scene. Custodio's poetry has been called "salvation, inspiration, truth, healing and weapon against the oppressors."

melanie goodreauxMelanie Maria Goodreaux '95, is a poet, playwright, actress, and director, who has performed her poetry, known for its musicality and original voice, at the Nuyorican Poets Café, Yale University, Sarah Lawrence, Wheaton and Saint Michael's College, and at the National Black Arts Festival in Atlanta.

elizabeth acevedoElizabeth Acevedo, the daughter of Dominican immigrants, born and raised in New York City, has been featured at Nuyorican Poetry Café, Bowery Poetry Club, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Javits Center, Lisner Auditorium and Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. She was an original cast member of the Latino Poets Society Spoken Word Tour in 2008.

Part of the week-long event "A Call to Conscience: Martin Luther King and the Ongoing Sturggle for Civil Rights".

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