Staff Directory

The staff of Edmundite Campus Ministry is a dedicated group of Catholic priests and lay people who provide spiritual guidance and opportunities for spiritual growth for the entire Saint Michael's College community. Our expertise ranges from pastoral counseling to music ministry to putting faith in action through domestic and international service trips and being there for those who need us.

brian cummings Fr. Brian Cummings, SSE '86
Director of Edmundite Campus Ministry
 Alliot Student Center 132
kate floyd Kate Floyd '06
 Assistant Director of Community Services (MOVE)
 Alliot Student Center 124
ray doherty Fr. Ray Doherty, SSE '51
Campus Minister
 Alliot Student Center 203
anna lester Anna Lester '98
 Assistant Director of Edmundite Campus Ministry
 Alliot Student Center 125
jerome monachino Jerome Monachino '91
 Associate Director of Edmundite Campus
 Ministry for Liturgical Ministry
 Chapel Lobby
laurie sabens Laurie Sabens
Administrative Assistant
 Alliot Student Center 132
heidi st. peter Heidi St. Peter '96
 Director for Community Services (MOVE)
 Alliot Student Center 124

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