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Zaire Peoples '16
Zaire PeoplesI started using Career Development resources during my first year. I was looking for a summer job and needed help with my resume. After that, I visited Career Development for many things such as updating my resume and improving my LinkedIn profile. I attended many of the Networking Knights events held on campus along with the Networking events in New York City, and many of the workshops like one for interviewing. I love how each appointment is tailored to every student’s individual needs. 

"Some students think that you have to have everything figured out before you visit the office, when in reality the office is there for you to figure things out." 

I have been very involved on campus throughout my four years at Saint Mike's. My involvement ranges from being the treasurer of the Diversity Coalition club to my current positions as a MOVE (Mobilization of Volunteer Efforts) core team leader and the Co-Secretary of Programming for the Student Association. All of these experiences have prepared me in one way or another for my dream job as an event planner. I realized early on that I enjoyed event planning and I love bringing people together. I am now able to fill a resume with just my event planning experiences. 

I'm glad I took advantage of Career Development early on. It has made a world of difference in the way that I brand myself professionally. I have gained more insight about the workforce and have networked with many great alumni. I think some students think that you have to have everything figured out before you visit the office, when in reality the office is there for you to figure things out.  Throughout my four years, my interests have changed tremendously, and I make sure that this is made known when I enter career development so that I can receive the help that I really need. 

Thomas Antensaye '16
The Office of Career Development resources have been extremely helpful in helping me choose a career path, find a job/internship, and develop networking contacts. They were always available to speak with me and answer any last minute questions I had or offer advice. 

The networking events and the resume workshops were influential in helping me figure out what I wanted to do and improving my resume. I was offered insightful help on my resume to help me look more desirable to an employer. The networking events occurred several times a semester and they allowed me to network with people that were also looking to network with students like myself. 

I strongly believe every student could benefit from stopping by the Career Development Office at least once. Every member of their team is extremely knowledgeable and up to date with current job trends. Their vast network of employer contacts will likely help you develop a contact of your own or maybe a job/internship.  


Bridget McElroy '17

The Career Development Office provides students with the wonderful opportunity to meet with career counselors, as well as attend workshops to gain more knowledge in specific steps of the career development process. I started working with Aislinn Doyle my first year. She helped me think about my intended major, pick courses, and prepare for job opportunities. Whether regarding my career interests, resume, LinkedIn profile, internships, job interests, or something else entirely, she has always been ready and willing to assist me with any questions I may have. 

I would definitely encourage every student at St. Mike’s to schedule an appointment with a Career Development counselor and to attend at least one workshop. Each counselor is invested in the student, as long as the student comes prepared. The career counselors can help you with more than you think, and they are great at their jobs! 
At the same time, I have had experiences outside the classroom that helped me develop some important career preparation skills. As a St. Michael’s College Wilderness Program Instructor and Media Coordinator, I have had the opportunity to learn and teach outside the classroom. Not only have I learned what is required to coach participants through challenging outdoor pursuits, but I have also learned about the inner workings of an organization. Everything that I learn in these roles will help me in aspects of life and jobs to come. 

In order to pursue some of my interests and explore available options, I have looked into a broad range of careers through attending the Career Symposium and by networking. The Career Symposium gave me a way to meet many accomplished Saint Michael’s alumni and hear their suggestions for the job search process. Additionally, I have gained insight into a wide array of jobs and careers by simply contacting people I know or have been connected with, and chatting with them about how they arrived at their line of work. This suggestion from Aislinn Doyle has been very helpful to me in gauging what I might want to do when I graduate.


Veronica McGurrin '17

At the beginning of my junior year, I made an appointment with a career development counsellor and, throughout this relationship, I was able to learn about the graduate school application timeline and acquire an excellent summer internship. I benefitted greatly from one-on-one attention and knowing that I had an experienced individual to look over my applications, resume, and cover letters. 
For my Public History minor, I was required to seek out an internship that would allow me to use my academic knowledge of the field and apply it in my preferred field of study. I was able to complete a semester-long internship at the Shelburne Museum where I worked in the Education and Public Programming Department. Through this internship, I gained valuable skills that made me more attractive for future employers, including an internship this summer at the Museum of Fine Arts. 

I would definitely recommend that students work with the Career Development Office. Whether you are considering graduate school or you just need help editing a cover letter, it is always beneficial to have a second opinion, especially one that is so experienced.  

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