Academic English

The AEP provides language and academic skills preparation and includes academic English as well as “content” courses. Students receive university credit for all of the classes they complete while in the program. Summer sessions typically start in mid- or late-May and take 10-12 weeks to complete. Classes may include:

  1. College Reading and Writing
  2. Advanced English Grammar
  3. Advanced College Writing
  4. Introduction to Literature
  5. Introduction to Academics. Native speakers of English and AEP students are in the classroom together. Content course offerings may include such courses as Intercultural Communication (Applied Linguistics), Management and Ethics (Business), Human Nutrition (Biology), Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (Environmental Studies and Sociology/Anthropology).
  1. One or two undergraduate-level content courses of the student’s choice.

 Students entering the AEP must have TOEFL/IELTS scores no lower than 61/5.5 and demonstrate writing proficiency in an Academic Writing Assessment.

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