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International Admission

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Costs and Calendar

The costs for each program depend on the program and length of time. Students will receive an I-20 form upon providing financial certification that demonstrates access to funds sufficient for one year of study or the length of study, whichever is shorter.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

Students whose native language is not English may need to demonstrate sufficient language proficiency by submitting test scores or evidence of having studied in English.


Scholarships are available for undergraduate study by indicating your wish to receive one on the application.

IB, AP, A-Level and University Credit

It is possible to receive credits or advanced standing for study in the International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, or A-Level programs. Credits from US and overseas universities are also eligible for transfer.

Bachelor's Degree

Apply for direct or conditional admission to one of our undergraduate programs. more

Non Degree Study

Apply to study for one semester or one year in an academic or English-language program. more

Pathway Program

For admission to the Pathway Program and conditional admission to the Undergraduate Degree Program more

English Language Programs

How to apply to the Intensive or Academic English Program (IEP or AEP). more

Master's Programs Study

Apply for a Master's Degree in TESOL, Education, or Clinical Psychology more

Costs and Calendars

Learn the costs and start dates for all academic programs for international students. more

English Proficiency

Admission and language levels required for admission to each program more

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With questions about about applying as an international student. more

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