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Undergraduate Non-Degree Study

Study abroad or exchange programs for your students of any English-level.

  • Undergraduate Level Study Students take up to four courses of their choice in any subject that is offered at Saint Michael’s College and for which they are qualified.
  • Academic English Program Students take a mix of academic and advanced English courses, including Advanced College Writing, Advanced Grammar, Oral Skills, etc.
  • Academic Bridge Students transition from ESL to academic content classrooms with an introductory content course and skill building.
  • Intensive English Students take 23.5 hours each week of intensive English. Five levels of study in Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, and Pronunciation.
  • Summer programs are available in academic study, English-language learning and teaching English.


Customized programs of various lengths are arranged for groups of high school or university students. While our group programs are typically designed around English-language learning, we will accommodate specialized academic and social needs. Previous groups have appreciated the academic programs at Saint Michael’s College, the diversity of students on campus, the university experience, and the warm hospitality of our faculty, staff and students.

Train your Faculty in TESOL

We are committed to improving the quality of English-language teaching in the United States and around the world.

  • MA TESOL Program Your instructors can earn a Master’s degree in TESOL in 14 months without interrupting their work schedule by taking on-line courses during the academic year.
  • Summer Certificate Program in TESOL This 4-week summer program gives your instructors a certificate in TESOL and advanced standing towards their Master’s Degree.
  • Scholarships are available. Learn how our partners can offer a full Master’s Degree in TESOL onfull or partial scholarships.
  • Teaching TESOL on Your Campus Our TESOL faculty may teach at your campus for periods ranging from several weeks to an academic year.

 Joint Degrees Saint Michael’s College is interested in developing articulation agreements, 2+3 and 2+2 programs, and joint degrees with universities outside the United States.

 Faculty Exchanges & Visiting Scholars Faculty from outside the United States visit Saint Michael’s College for scholarship, research, and other forms of collaboration. Exchanges and visited are typically coordinated between academic departments.

English-Language Study

  • Short- and long-term language programs are available throughout the year
  • Students live in premium residences, have access to all campus facilities, clubs and activities, and get to experience US university life while learning English.
  • High school students welcome. Teachers stay at St. Mike’s for free with groups of 8 or more students.
  • Students may combine language study with academic content courses.

Hosting SMC Students

Forty percent of our undergraduate students study abroad at some point during their tenure at St. Mike’s. We are in constant need of institutional hosts to provide academically diverse and challenging study abroad opportunities.

College Counseling Certificates

College counselors learn all aspect of US college counseling from the perspective of both the sending and receiving institutions. The program features internships in both secondary school counseling and university admission offices.

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