Faculty Promotions Announced


Saint Michael's announced faculty promotions this month, effective July 1, 2012.

The following associate professors were promoted to professor:

Dr. Mary Beth Doyle of Richmond, education department, specialty: inclusive education; effective utilization of paraprofessionals; curriculum design and adaptation for students with moderate and severe disabilities. University of Minnesota doctorate.

Dr. Alain Brizard of Essex Junction, physics department, specialty: space, fusion and astrophysical plasma physics, astrophysics and cosmology (theoretical physics). Princeton University doctorate.

The following assistant professors were promoted to associate professor:

Dr. Karen Popovich of Williston, business administration department, specialty: operations management with a specific focus in strategic enrollment management for higher education. Background includes technology, strategy, management, and data analysis. Cleveland State University doctorate.

Dr. Melissa VanderKaay Tomasulo of South Burlington, psychology department, specialty: psychology of health and illness, in particular the acute and chronic effects of stress on the mind and body; behavioral medicine including the psychological, social, and behavioral moderators of disease pathogenesis. Ohio University doctorate.

Dr. Crystal L'Hôte of Burlington, philosophy department, specialty: philosophy of mind (and cognates), metaphysics and epistemology, and feminist philosophy, all in the analytic tradition.  Johns Hopkins University doctorate.

Dr. Patrick Walsh of Essex Junction, economics department, specialty: eeconomics of education; focusing on competition in education; sorting among schools; and peer externalities. Other topics include occupational choice and occupational switching. University of Michigan doctorate.

Dr. Shane Lamos of St. Albans, chemistry department, specialty: using organic synthesis to develop new tools for the qualitative and quantitative assessment of proteins and metabolites. University of Wisconsin doctorate.

Dr. John O'Meara of Essex Junction, physics department, research interests: among other areas, Big Bang nucleosynthesis and light element abundances, Lyman limit and damped Lyman alpha systems, astrophysical properties of quasar absorption line systems, and galaxy-intergalactic medium interactions. University of California, San Diego, doctorate.

Four Saint Michael's professors retired after many years of service.

They are Dr. Robert Kenny of Williston, Dr. Richard Kuklis of Shelburne, and Dr. Norm Walker of Charlotte, all from the business administration department. And Dr. John Van Houten of Richmond from the chemistry department.

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