19 students present research at Hudson River Undergradaute Mathematics Conference

By: Buff Lindau

students present research at math conference
Saint Michael's participants in the Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference (labeled L to R)
Sitting: Thomas Dickerson, Alexa Foote, Saja Willard, Maura O'Riordan, Jessica George, Alison Shappy, Amber Emmell, Professor Phil Yates, Julie Mullowney, Robert Hammond
Middle row: Professor George Ashline, Erika Gravelin, Emma Hauser, Michael Thompson, Samuel Blakely, Maria Leuci, Krista Bird
Back row: Professor Joanna Ellis-Monaghan, Colin Delaney, Eric Sherman, Patrick Knapp, Brianne Conlon, Professor Greta Pangborn
Not pictured: Professor James Hefferon

Nineteen students and five faculty members attended the Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference held April 6 at Williams College in Williamstown, MA. The conference celebrates undergraduate mathematics research with students and faculty from across the Northeast.

From fractals to the Archimedean Screw, from nanostructures to Quintic Equations - Saint Michael's students presented mathematics research across a range of topics. "Our student presenters/participants did an excellent job representing our department and Saint Michael's College at the Conference," said Mathematics Professor George Ashline.

The student groups giving talks at the conference were: 

  • Krista Bird '13, Thomas Dickerson '13, and Jessica George '15:  "Techniques for Fractal Terrain Generation"
  • Brianne Conlon '15 and Robert Hammond '13:  "Graph Optimization in Self-Assembling DNA Nanostructures"
  • Colin Delaney '13, Patrick Knapp '13, Julie Mullowney '14, and Alison Shappy '13: "Archimedean Screw"
  • Amber Emmell '15: "Leonhard Euler and the Basel Problem"
  • Alexa Foote '13, Erika Gravelin '14, Emma Hauser '13, and Robert Hammond '13: "Gömböc: An Exception to the Four Vertex Theorem"
  • Jessica George '14: "Search for General Solutions of the Cubic, Quartic, and Quintic Equations"
  • Maria Leuci '13 and Michael Thompson '13: "Minimal Surfaces"
  • Maura O'Riordan '14: "Evaluating ELL Reform in a Teacher Education Program"
  • Eric Sherman '14 and Saja Willard '13: "Self-Assembling Objects with Central Vertices"

Saint Michael's faculty members George Ashline, Jim Hefferon, Greta Pangborn, and Phil Yates chaired sessions at the conference. Also attending was faculty member Jo Ellis-Monaghan.

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