Three Vermont Private Colleges to Form Consortium to Address Rising Costs

By: Buff Lindau

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Middlebury, Saint Michael's and Champlain College to Combine Purchasing Power

Three Vermont private colleges announced today they plan to form a consortium to reduce costs associated with purchasing supplies and services common to all three institutions. 

The chief financial officers of Middlebury College, Champlain College and Saint Michael's College will direct the creation of the Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium (GMHEC). The group's focus is to find common areas and ways to increase effectiveness and efficiency when purchasing supplies, and other business and administrative services common to all three institutions.  Similar consortia exist in other areas of the country including Boston and Amherst, MA, and Claremont, CA.  These partnerships have proven to be beneficial forums for sharing ideas and collaborating.

"We are simply envisioning ways to improve our efficiencies and help drive down administrative costs in areas common to all three colleges," said David J. Provost, senior vice president for finance and administration at Champlain College. "A consortium will allow us to pool our purchasing power and significantly reduce costs at each college."

"The consortium has the potential to slow rising administrative costs by leveraging the combined buying power of the three colleges, and by sharing common administrative services.  Our intention is to create a successful consortium that will address the issue of cost over the long term," said Patrick Norton, vice president for finance and treasurer at Middlebury College.

Neal E. Robinson, vice president for finance at Saint Michael's College added, "I very much look forward to working with our friends at Champlain and Middlebury. The Consortium gives us the platform to accomplish many things that would not be possible otherwise."

Both Saint Michael's and Champlain have about 2,000 traditional undergraduate students and Middlebury has 2,450 students. Through cooperative planning efforts, the three colleges expect to directly address areas of rising costs and continue to strive to make higher education accessible and affordable to all students.

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