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Media, Journalism & Digital Arts

Student presenting at Symposium 2016On Wednesday, April 25, from 4 to 6 p.m. in Dion Family Student Center's Roy Event Room, Senior Media Studies, Journalism and Digital Arts majors will display and explain their culminating projects - from documentary films to books and websites. They cover a wide range of topics, to put it mildly. Just a few examples: state sanitation; how digital media is shaping language; the gender gap in STEM; the art of activism; and the stories of sub-Saharan immigrants.

Presentations included:


Fiona Giguere, ’18, Natasha Kulick, ’18, Amelia Weeks, ’18: Washing Away Your Health: Navigating Cleanliness, Wellness, and Resistance in a Microbial World
Julia Colsanti, ’18, Adrian Diaz, ’18: Food Fight! Fighting Our Way Out of Industrial Food Deserts
Shaelyn Cavanaugh, ’18, Madeline Linden, ’18: Flushed Out: The State of Sanitation
Samantha Prue, ’18, Emma Thomas, ’18: Rescue from Above: Emergency and Air Medical Transport in the United States
Angela Baldacci, ’18, Katherine O’Brien, ’18, Kealy Moyna, ’18: Out of Touch: Major Changes in Human Physical Interactions within Our Digital Age
Shannon Wilson, ’18, Molly Van Deursen, ’18: Bridging the Gap: Correcting the Gender Gap in STEM Fields
Marika Belamarich, ’18, Jamison Major, ’18: Painting the Protest: The Art of Activism


Corinne Harvey, ’18, Jack Martin, ’18: Eyes on Me: The Age of Facial Recognition and the End of Privacy
Demora Dessert, ’18: The Nonexistent Role: Representation and Diversity in the Entertainment Industry
Corinne Duffy, ’18: The Era of Digital Dining: How Tabletop Tablets and Other Restaurant Technology Transform the Way We Eat
Audrey Sinclair, ’18: Lets Chat: How Digital Media & Technology are Shaping Language
Angela McParland, ’18: True Fake Friends: A Cross-cultural Look at Renting Platonic Relationships
Deborah-Julie Katsuva, ’18: Hidden: The Untold and Unseen Stories of Sub-Saharan Immigrants
Connor Richardson, ’18: Crowds for Hire: The Art of Controlling Minds with Bodies
Casey McCormack, ’18: Out of the Blue: Coastal Communities and the Great White Shark
Steven Murray, ’18: Politics, Information and Democracy: Advocacy for Media Literacy in the Digital Age
Jack Conway, Jr., ’18: Bounded by Boundaries: Examining Segregation, Poverty, and the Media in Urban America

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