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Poster & Digital Presentations

Saint Michael's students will present over 100 posters and/or digital presentations on subjects ranging from the effect of acid-mine drainage to the impact of traumatic brain injuries on student's learning and pragmatic therapies for returning veterans. 

All of these presentations can be viewed on Saturday, April 28, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Dion Student Center.

Here is a full list of presenters: 


Jade Jarvis, ’18: Effects of Human Visitation on Mammals as Detected by Trail Cameras in Colchester, Vermont
Shawn MacNeill, ’18: The Effect of a Non-Diverse Environment, a Corn Field, on the Population of Arthropods Compared to a Natural Environment, an Adjacent Forest
Osrica McLean, ’18: Use of Point-and-Shoot Photography to Compare Regional Differences in Coyote (Canis latrans) Skull Size
Olivia Richards, ’18, Schyler Schewe, ’18: The Effects on an Open Compost Site on Mammal and Bird Species Compared to a Field Location in Colchester, Vermont
Alyssa Valentyn, ’19: Effects of Woody Shrub and Tree Density on Species Richness and Habitat Preference
Mariah J. Witas, ’18: The Effect of Acid-Mine Drainage on the Diversity of Sensitive Species of Macroinvertebrates in Two Branches of a Vermont Stream
Jill Witwicki, ’18, Marisa Rubino, ’18: Mandibular Ramus Variation in Carnivorans


Kyle Ciulla, ’19, Matthew Cotter, ’19, Daniel Haynes, ’19: Activision Blizzard
Zachary Clark, ’18, Brendan Morris, ’19, Rachel Tierney, ’19: Adidas AG
James Aloisi, ’19, Dylan Bernache, ’19, Benjamin Flaherty, ’19: Amazon Inc.
Elizabeth Doherty, ’19, Georgina Finneran, ’18, Mary Miller, ’19: Apple Inc.
Cameron Connaughton, ’18, Stanley Foster, ’19, Mairin King, ’19: Domino Pizza
Siyu Chen, ’18, Jack Ouelette, ’19, Matthew Stickney, ’18: Ford Motor Co.
Megan LeCours, ’19, Alexandre Mohbat, ’18, Fallon Tierney, ’19: Kellogg Co.
Samuel D’Antuono, ’19, Jane Darby, ’18, Jaylen Hall, ’19: McDonalds Corp.
Christopher Johnson, ’19, Joshua Sumner, ’18, Morgan Vasseaur, ’19: Marriott International Inc.
Joel Banazek, ’19, Jacob Sutton, ’19, Mengying Wang, ’18: Microsoft Corp.
Daniel du Feu, ’18, Joshua Higgins, ’19, Kevin Williamson, ’18: Nick Inc.
Peter Murphy, ’18, Liam Pakulski, ’18, Alexander Sprague, ’19: Starbucks
Dante DiGioia, ’18, Andrew Goulet, ’18, Sarah Naple, ’18: The Hershey Co.
Madeline Clark, ’18, Devin Huon, ’19, Chao Pan, ’18: Walmart


Saad Alharbi, ’18: Comparative Analysis of Date Fruits from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United States of America
Andrew Boucher, ’18: The Shifts in Spectrum of Reichardt’s Dye as a Function of Temperature
James Dyer, ’18: Alternative Method to Quantify Biodiesel and Vegetable Oil in Diesel-Biodiesel Blends through Proton NMR Spectroscopy
James Dyer, ’18: Synthesis, Purification, and Characterization of a Selenium Analog of Ergothioneine
Nicholas Ferrigno, ’18: Epigenetics of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): A Combined Approach to Elucidating a Mechanism for CBT
Betsy Portch, ’18: Chemical Characterization of Beer Aging Products Derived from Hard Resin Components in Hops (Humulus lupulus L.)
Jordan Roach, ’18: Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Activity of Ionic Liquid Templated Mesoporous Zirconia
Emily Schuchman, ’18: Magnetic Field Remote Controlled Selective Biocatalysis
Samuel Vaal, ’19: Environmental Analysis of the Persistent Metal Pollutants from Acid Mine Drainage Using ICP-OES
Erin Williams, ’19: An Exploration of the Binding Strength between Soil and the Prion Protein, PrPSc


Hanna Lesch, ’18: One Foot In, One Foot Out
Julia Morrison, ’18: Spark
Megan Murray, ’18: The Impact of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) on College Students’ Experience Returning to Learn


Chris Bresnahan, ’18: Acid Rain: Consequences Invoke a Political Response
Will Durkin, ’18: Mercury Contamination Due to Gold Mining in the Peruvian Amazon
Mackenzie Faber, ’18: Filtered Landscapes: Studying Environmental Discourses through Instagram Posts of the Grand Canyon
Elaina Munsill, ’18: The Externalities of Grey Wolf Reintroduction in the Northwest
Marisa Rubino, ’18: Effects of Plastic Debris among Marine Ecosystems and Related Species


Finbar Clougherty, ’18: Writing and Directing "Space Hike"
Patrick Cornacchio, ’18: Writing and Directing "The Wood-Raised Boy"
Demora Dessert, ’18: Directing "4 A.M."
Rissa Leigh Jansky, ’18: Acting in "Almost, Maine"
Jillian Kenny, ’18: Acting in "Fuddy Meers"
Joshua Lacourse, ’18: Creating "Tearmann"
Mike Oggiani, ’18: Directing "Almost, Maine"
Lauren Sousa, ’18: Scenic Design for "Fuddy Meers"
Ian Underwood, ’18: Acting in "True West"


Moira Jamieson, ’18: User Experience in Durick Library
Kelsey Fleming, ’18: User Experience in Durick Library


Aisling O’Leary, ’18: Recognizing Handwritten Digits with Artificial Neural Networks




ART on OBJECT projects from MJD311 Advanced Digital and Graphic Design, Dr. Kimberly Sultze

Shaelyn Cavanaugh, ’18: Pink Tax
Stephen Higgins, ’20: Absurdism
Angela McParland, ’18: FLOW-ER
Natasha Kulick, ’18: Tash's Deck of Cards
Fiona Giguere, ’18: Safari Swim
Jack C. Donahue, ’19: Low Poly Nature
Haylee Tower, ’18: Plans
Jack Caron, ’19: Normal Car
Talia Perrea, ’20: Be the Light
Tess Beinhaur, ’20: SummerBreeze
Marika Belamarich, ’18: Digital Vintage
Natalie Jackson, ’19: Dreaming of Another World
Jane Maloney, ’20: Climb On
Rachael Prescott, ’20: The Adventure Series
Lindsay Ryan, ’19: Night of the Dead 1979
Aaron Kalat, ’19: Woodpusher

MJD Senior Projects in Film, Web Documentary, and Book, Dr. Jon Hyde

Shaelyn Cavanaugh, ’18, Madeline Linden, ’18: Flushed Out: The State of Sanitation
Samantha Prue, ’18, Emma Thomas, ’18: Rescue from Above: Emergency and Air Medical Transport in the United States
Angela Baldacci, ’18, Katherine O’Brien, ’18, Kealy Moyna, ’18: Out of Touch: Major Changes in Human Physical Interactions within Our Digital Age
Angela McParland, ’18: True Fake Friends: A Cross-cultural Look at Renting Platonic Relationships


Leah Seften, ’18: Brain Injury Association of Vermont


Christopher Boutin, ’18: Investigating Pragmatic Therapies for Veterans & Their Implications for the Farm at Saint Michael’s College


Abigail Bolduc, ’18: Forensic Physics
Michael Boyd, ’18: The Hidden Variable of EPR Collapse Theory
Alex Stephen Brushwein, ’18: Econophysics: The History and Application of Physics in Economics
Molly Feeney, ’19: How DC and AC Cables Affect Various Marine Species
Matthew Gipson, ’20: Exoplanets and How to Find Them
Paul Stumpf, ’19: Agrophysics


Collin Beyor, ’18: The Behavioral Manifestations of PTSD in Adolescents
Rigby Buckner, ’18: The Impact of Trauma on Adolescent Suicidal and Homicidal Ideation
Colleen Carroll, ’18: Dementia, the Creative Spirit, and the Expression of Self
Nathalie Danizio, ’18: The Sound of Music: The Neuropsychological Effects of Music Therapy in Children with Autism
Amanda Donahoe, ’18: Healing in a Hospital: The Effects of Family and Social Support
Jay Gilbert, ’18: Therapeutic Creativity vs. Digital Escapism in a Hospital Environment: Patient’s Choice?
Lance Jandreau, ’18: Call of Duty: Building Rapport in a Helping Profession through Unconventional Means
Nadine Johnson, ’18: The Psychological Development of Second Generation Children of Immigrants
Molly King, ’18: Dissociative Coping Mechanisms in Response to Childhood Trauma
Samantha Martin, ’18: Outcomes of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Factors Promoting Resilience among Survivors
Sydney Moran, ’18: The Effect of Abuse on Learning Behaviors and Academic Achievement in Young Children
Christine Morrison, ’18: Early Childhood Neglect: Effects on Psychosocial and Cognitive Development
Pedro Pereira, ’18: The Advantages of Art Therapy with Autistic Adult Populations
Jacob Pizzuto, ’18: Extending Communicative Boundaries in Patients with Dementia
Andrea Rodriguez, ’18: Sibling Abuse: Family Dynamics, Resilience and Risk Factors
Coral Santos, ’18: Long-Term Medical Treatment: Associations with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Christina Wong, ’18: The Effects of Childhood Poverty on Long-Term Wellbeing

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