A retreat gives you an opportunity to take time away from your ordinary activities, reflect on your life and renew your commitment to God through prayer. You are invited to join one of our retreats below.

Leap Retreat


LEAP is a unique, communal, and deeply personal experience that is built upon talks, activities and group dynamics to deepen one's personal faith in God and commitment to God's people. The retreat has a series of very personal talks about who we are as individuals and who we are as a Christian community, and it explores the meaning of self-awareness, commitment, peace, prayer and faith in one's life and the challenges these elements present. LEAP is a Christian community that helps participants discover the presence of Christ in their lives, and encourages acceptance, tolerance, and appreciation of people with different gifts, talents, interests, abilities, and backgrounds as elements of the Body of Christ.

LEAP began over 25 years ago as an outgrowth of Cursillo. The program is sponsored by the Society of Saint Edmund and is currently under the direction of Fr. Marcel Rainville, SSE. While the program is based at Saint Michael's, it is open to all young women and men between 18 and 25 years of age.

For more information about LEAP, contact Fr. Marcel Rainville, SSE at or 802-654-2848.

LEAP retreat schedule

November 3-5, 2017 - Saint Anne's Shrine

If you are interested in going on the LEAP retreat, please pick up an application outside the Edmundite Campus Ministry Office.

Saint Anne's Shrine New Retreat Location

Cabin For over a hundred years, members of the Society of St. Edmund have educated young people at St. Michael's College and have invited students to explore their faith with greater understanding. Central to deepening one's faith is a personal encounter with the risen Christ in prayer. To this end, the five cabins recently built at Saint Anne's Shrine provides accommodations for those seeking to deepen their relationship with God. Each cabin is suitable for adults of all ages and includes a living/dining room, a full kitchen and four bedrooms accommodating up to sixteen people.

BoucherThe Boucher Building is the gathering place for hospitality and meals and also includes the Shrine's Administrative offices. A recent expansion of this facility includes additional meeting space for retreat conferences and also private rooms for individual prayer. The new main room includes a beautiful stone fireplace and scenic views of Lake Champlain.

Emmaus Retreat


The Emmaus Retreat is a weekend retreat which provides an opportunity for a community of participants to deepen their relationship with God and to share their faith with others. The Ignatian principle "seeing God in all things" is stressed throughout the program as candidates are invited to become aware of God in their everyday lives, recognizing the Lord's presence in others and in the daily activities which life demands. The retreat includes guided meditations, private reflection time, and group sharing. The Journey continues on campus with regular get-togethers of mass, prayer, and reflection.

For more information about Emmaus, contact Anna Lester at

Emmaus Retreat Schedule

February 16-18, 2018 - Saint Anne's Shrine

If you are interested in going on the Emmaus retreat, please pick up an application outside the Edmundite Campus Ministry Office.

Busy Student Retreat

Are you a busy student? See how your busy class and work schedule can gently wrap around prayer, God, and quiet time through this ON-CAMPUS four day retreat. Inspired by a retreat format from the Sisters of Mercy, you stay right on campus and are available to meet with your group when it is convenient for YOU. This individualized program coincides with your own individual schedule and spiritual journey. During the course of the week, you will commit to 1/2 hour of prayer or quiet time on your own, up to 1/2 hour of one-on-one Spiritual Direction with a prayer partner, and several small group reflection times based upon the group's schedule.

Return to your quiet, unhurried self and emerge refreshed and ready for your next accomplishment!

For more information on BSR, contact Anna Lester,, 654-2897.

Busy Student Retreat Schedule


For more information, please contact Anna Lester,, 654-2897.

If you are interested in participating in the Busy Student retreat, please pick up an application outside the Edmundite Campus Ministry Office.

Confirmation Retreat Leadership

Confirmation Retreats are opportunities for Saint Michael's students to organize retreats for Confirmation classes through local parishes. These are wonderful opportunities for high school students, as they prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation, to witness college-aged students who are active and excited about their faith lives and personal relationships with God.

For more information about leading a Confirmation Retreat or if you are a religious educator who is interested in having Saint Michael's students lead a retreat for your parish, please contact Anna Lester at

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