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Senior Salute

Senior Salute day - Wednesday, April 18

Alliot Student Center Lobby

Seniors can start picking up their caps, gowns, tassels, and pack of 10 announcements at the Senior Salute Day event in April in the Alliot Student Center lobby. There is NO COST to the Seniors!

  • Senior's Caps, Gowns and Announcements will be distributed
  • If Parents wish to purchase PERSONALIZED announcements/invitations (separate from the pack of 10 announcements each Senior receives), orders can be placed online at balfour.com along with other Commencement items
  • There will be flower arrangements available for purchase in the Ross Sports Center on Commencement Day. You can pre-order them here
  • Seniors can purchase a class ring at jostens.com or balfour.com, and a Jostens Class Ring representative will be here at the Senior Salute Day event.
  • Senior Week tickets and info will be available
  • Light refreshments will be available
  • If you wish to purchase the 2018 Commencement DVD, you can order it through the campus bookstore here.

After this date, cap and gown and announcements can be picked up at the Campus Store.

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