Living Globally! The 1st Year International Experience

Living Globally!The 1stYear International Experience

Be a Citizen of the World! Live Globally right on Campus!

The “Living Globally” Residential Community integrates international and US American students in a living environment that fosters friendship and global citizenship. One of the most important skills needed in our society and across the world is the ability to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. An international experience prepares students for success in the 21stCentury, and gives them a competitive advantage in their careers.  This unique residential experience emphasizes the importance of diversity, world cultures and global affairs and teams up with faculty and staff for some fun socio-educational programming. Whether it is a trip to Montreal, Global Fest, participating in a Japanese tea ceremony, or sharing an international dinner, the Living globally Residential community offers a unique experience. If you are interested in a dynamic living community that allows you to meet and make friends with people from all over the world, if you are planning on studying abroad at some point in your college career, if you foresee a career that takes you across the globe, or if you just want to be worldly, then “Living Globally” residential community is the ideal option for you! The Living Globally housing community falls under the larger umbrella theme of Leadership.


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