New Residence Hall

Aerial view of new residence hallConstruction is well under way for Saint Michael's College's latest green building project, a new residence hall at the northeast corner of campus. Designed to hold 188 students, the building will feature (46) 4-bedroom apartments, (2) studios and (1) 2-bedroom apartment (For an RD). Each of the individual apartments includes a full kitchen, eating area, living area and separate bathrooms. The building also has a common laundry area and a small lounge in the main entry.

As a green building, the thermal envelope (insulation) of the building is designed to be tight and efficient. At the same time, the geothermal design for heating, cooling and water will reduce energy cost, giving back at least 4 units for every 1 unit spent.

Before Christmas of 2015, contractors poured footing and foundation molds for the building and deep wells for the building's geothermal field – which are integral to the project's heating and cooling features. Other work in those early stages including creating a utility tie-in to water service and relocating some other utility pieces. Next came similar work on wells and foundation, focusing more on the "thermal break" – the building-insulation-air-barrier "envelope" of the building that also is part of its efficient design.

"I've heard zero complaints on noise, so we're quite pleased," said Jim Farrington, director of facilities. "I know the contractors have been really strict about nobody starting before 8 a.m." 

Updates from the end of fall and spring semesters, below, with the most recent at top, provide details of the progress:

Construction Progress - May 20, 2016

The project continues to move at a fast pace with just over 2 months before the substantial completion date of August 1, 2016.


  • The brick and limestone work continues.  The mason’s goal is to lay 600 bricks daily.
  • The spray foam and window installations are complete.
  • The building is officially weathertight and the roofing installation has begun.


  • The elevator install is complete.  Waiting for the inspection.
  • The wall framing is complete with the MEP rough-ins currently in their final stage which is the 3rd floor of the south building.
  • The gypsum board work is well underway in the suites of the north building.
  • Finishes have begun on the 1st floor of the north building which includes painting, kitchen cabinets, vanities, flooring, lighting, etc…


  • On-site activity continues to be a 6 day/week effort with longer work days.  The longer days are due to an earlier daily start-up time with the students now off campus.
    Site work on the rear of the building (RT. 15 side) is scheduled to begin next week.  This work includes lights, generator, sidewalks, etc…


  • The construction budget continues to be in great shape with a net savings up to this point.
  • PC Construction has not submitted a payment application since the last report.  We anticipate the payment for the month of May to be around $2M.  This would leave approximately $6M to finish up the project.


  • The building changes daily with many different sub-contractors performing their work.  It is really exciting to see the building come together and its anticipated completion.  There is still a lot of work to be done but the entire Team continues to work together to ensure the project remains on schedule.

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