Saint Michael's College Magazine, Fall/Winter 2017

In our Fall/Winter 2017 issue of the Saint Michael’s College Magazine, we explore how art is everywhere, on campus, in our hometown of Burlington and throughout the widespread Saint Michael's community.

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Sliding Into Home (page 3)

Preaching As An Art Form (page 4)

Work with Worth (page 14)

Artists Find a Way: Lives Inspired by Art (page 20)

Simply Beautiful: A Father-Son Conversation (page 30)

Unwavering Support (page 31)

Chuck Tobin's Dream Job (page 32)

Peter Harrigan: All Hands on Deck (page 35)

Happy Fiftieth Durick Library (page 36)

Presidential Search Update (page 37)

Dr. T (page 40)

Art Scene in Vermont 

Faculty Art

Learn What Matters