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Department Operations

Public Safety Embroidered PatchSaint Michael's is located in the town of Colchester and falls within the jurisdiction of the Colchester Police Department (CPD). All incidents on campus which qualify as serious crimes are reported or referred to the Colchester Police.

Saint Michael's borders the City of Winooski, and maintains a cooperative arrangement with the Winooski Police Department (WPD) as well. This is in the interest of protecting the campus and the students who reside off campus in Winooski.

Public Safety monitors and has direct communication by radio with both Colchester and Winooski Police, if their assistance is needed. Saint Michael's, CPD and WPD routinely exchange information relative to the security and protection of campus and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Saint Michael's complies with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 (Title II, Public Law 101-542), amended most recently on March 7, 2013.

This act requires post secondary institutions to disclose information regarding their campus security policies and statistics of criminal offenses reported to the Campus Security Authority.  Saint Michael's Annual Security Report is distributed to all current students and employees, and to any applicants for enrollment or employment upon request  The report is posted here and on the campus portal.  Statistical data is posted to the Department of Education website as required.

2015 Public Safety Annual Security Report

Telephone and Dispatch Services is the communications center for campus.

Located in the Sutton Fire House, it is staffed 24 hours a day and provides the Saint Michael's community with skilled dispatchers, answering a daily average of 650 calls including all calls for Saint Michael's Fire and Rescue.

Other services include:

  • Answering calls from emergency phone boxes
  • Coordinating assistance for people with vehicle problems on campus
  • Helping students get doors unlocked to their rooms or certain labs
  • Providing information about campus events and activities
  • Directing calls to community members
  • Administering keys to contractors

The numbers we use:

  • Campus emergencies: 911 or 654.2911 (x2911)
  • Non-emergency calls to Public Safety: 802.654.2374 (x2374)
  • Telephone & Dispatch Services direct: 802.654.2000 (or "0" when on campus)

There are 53 emergency phones located on campus, linked directly to College Telephone and Dispatch Services. Dispatchers are on duty 24 hours a day and know the exact location of the caller when the phone handset is removed from the box.

There are different types of emergency phones on campus. Many are easily identified red boxes with an "EMERGENCY" decal. Others are located on handicap lifts and elevators. In dormitories, the phones are located either at the front door activated by a large red button, or outside the Resident Director's apartment in the first floor hallway.

The campus also uses a "blue light" emergency phone system. These phones include a blue light that stays on at all times, and flashes when the phone has been activated. These installations are highly visible and allow emergency responders to quickly locate individuals requesting assistance.

Map of Campus Telephones

Rape Aggression Defense Systems (R.A.D.) is a program developed for women, taught by certified instructors, that educates women on risk awareness, prevention, reduction and avoidance, and provides basic self defense techniques, to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of violence.

The R.A.D. Systems Basic Physical Defense Instructional Objective is "to develop and enhance the options of self defense, so that they may become viable considerations to the woman who is attacked."

The Public Safety has 3 Certified Instructors, and works closely with surrounding local agencies in providing this course to the campus community.

For more information regarding the R.A.D. Program visit or contact one of our R.A.D. Instructors:

Scott Parizo

Patrick Mager

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