While the abundance and access to water may not be as high an issue in the state of Vermont as it is on the western states of the country, as well as other locations around the globe, we do not take this precious resource for granted and are dedicated to having technologies in place and creating awareness about the importance of conserving and protecting our water resources.

Water Conservation

During the summer of 2011, dual flush handles for toilets started to get installed in a couple locations on campus. Since then, the Office of Sustainability has purchased an additional 55 of this dual flush handle retrofit kits to change over more than half of the remaining toilets on our main campus.

All campus showerheads and sink aerators are low flow (this became the standard at the college 15 years ago!)

Newer Residence Halls (Cashman, Pontigny, Canterbury, Quad Commons and Res Hall IV) and the Hoehl Welcome Center, Dion Student Center and Pomerleau Alumni Center all have low-flow toilets.

During 2009-2010, the dish room in Alliot underwent a makeover to be more conservative in its use of water (Alliot used the most amount of water out of all buildings on campus). This involved installation of a new dish machine that uses 20% less water than the old model. A new tray return system was also installed. This system uses 70% less water than the old system!



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