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Dion Family Student Center

The best kind of energy attends new beginnings: the late-summer arrival of a new class on a classic red-brick New England college campus; the timely roll-out of a spectacular, new building project to greet them.

The Dion Family Student Center and the Quad Commons Residential Hall were built in the middle of the traditional first-year residential quad that dates back half a century, tastefully integrated into a new seamless whole.

The new Dion Family Student Center at the Quad Commons is fully open, and was dedicated on October 4, 2013.

This year's students from all classes will have the distinction of being first to have relaxed in a peaceful third-floor solarium study lounge with arched ceilings evocative of a cathedral architecture, or sink into comfy seats throughout; first to offer their own radio shows from a glass studio where their friends can walk by and interact; first on some cold November night to walk through a covered connector into the Student Center for a late-night Einstein's bagel and cup of hot chocolate.

Early-fall college functions for 2013-14

St. Mike's students in the large center third-floor function room - 225 seated for dining, 400 for lecture - or on the mezzanine in the solarium with great over-the-treetops views of the Green Mountains, are the first in school history; the first class to hang out in the new residence hall's fourth-floor west-facing lounge with its equally great view of the Adirondacks and 300's field. They're marveling at the high ceilings in the new resident hall bedrooms, enjoying brand new refrigerators and microwaves and appreciating being able to take an elevator to any floor, including to the connector walkway to the Student Center.

With the Center's digital lounge now online,  they can plug in computers, work on projects with friends or watch a private TV on earphones. They're also the inaugural class to make regular trips along the new attractive diagonal brick paths through a new landscaped courtyard, past a showpiece lighted column backlit with stain-glass patterns, to Alliot Student Center Dining Hall.

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