Nominate A Knight Challenge - Alumni vs. Students

Know a high school senior who might be a great fit and thrive at Saint Michael’s College?

Want to get your competitive juices flowing?

If you do, and are an alum, a current student or parent, join the Nominate a Knight Challenge!

The Challenge runs from October 15 to November 15, 2018, giving you plenty of time to help your team win!

It’s a Win/Win!

A few minutes of your time helps Saint Michael’s College land talented and engaged students and helps your team win valuable prizes. 


Here's the challenge:

It’s easy to do, and you might be making an introduction that will help shape someone’s future. It will also mean that you are doing your part to take your team to victory! Just nominate a student between October 15th and November 15th by filling out the form and earn points for your team. 

What do you win?

  • Well bragging rights, to be sure!
  • Bragging rights are terrific, but just for more fun, if the student team wins, a current student will win a $2,500 grant toward their spring tuition bill!* If the alumni team wins, a lucky alum will win a $2,500 credit toward an alumni trip to Ireland led by President Sterritt!

Do we have your attention now? 

Just fill out the form here and submit. You can submit multiple names, and each name increases points for your team and your chances to win the grand prize if your team wins.

Each person you nominate will receive outreach from Saint Michael’s letting them know that you nominated them because you thought they might be a good fit at Saint Michael’s. If they apply and are admitted, that student will receive a $1,000 Nominate a Knight annual grant toward tuition at Saint Michael's College.  

Just complete the nominating form here and submit. It is that easy.

*You are not limited to how many high school seniors you submit but each submission must be valid and will be verified. Each name is an “entry.”

*Students receiving a full-tuition scholarship or benefit (full-tuition merit scholarship, full scholarship athletes, students fully-funded through VA or receiving tuition remission/exchange) will not be considered for the $2500 “student” scholarship if the student team wins. Any scholarships will be incorporated into the students financial aid award and may impact need-based financial aid.

*If you are neither a current student, parent of a current student, or parent of a current alum, you can still nominate a knight and select which team you would like your nomination to benefit. However, your name will not be entered into the prize drawing.





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