Off-Campus Transportation

Looking to venture into downtown Burlington or perhaps over to Sugarbush for some skiing? Free transportation is available to Saint Michael's students, made possible by the following programs:

GMT's Unlimited Access Program

Bus rides provided by Green Mountain Transit (GMT) are free to all undergraduate students through the Unlimited Access program. The bus routes covered in the program include rides to: 

To take advantage of this benefit, students need to show their Saint Michael's ID upon boarding the bus. The bus stop at Saint Michael's College is located by the South Entrance to the college, across the street from Purple Knights' Pizza. Students should note that the LINK Express routes to St. Albans, Montpelier and Middlebury are not part of the Unlimited Access Program, and students are required to pay the full LINK fare.

The GMT provides bus maps and guides with specific route and schedule information. Call 802.864.2282 or visit to get the latest information.

Sugarbush Ski Area Bus

Saint Michael's College provides a bus to Sugarbush free of charge to all undergraduate students on the weekends during the ski season. Students are required to sign-up for the bus at the Adventure Sports Center Office by 11:00 AM on the Thursday prior to transport. The Sugarbush bus schedule is subject to change or cancellation without notice due to lack of riders.

On these trips, the bus departs campus at 8:00 AM and returns in the evening at 5:00 PM. Seating is limited to 40 people and is first come, first seated, starting with students who signed up ahead of time. See the Adventure Sports Center site for more specific dates and information.


Carpooling can be a great way to get to campus on a regular basis, or even to get a ride home those times when you are on break. There are a number of carpooling apps, and some are specific to college students. While we encourage you to look into those options, if you do not personally know the driver, do your best to check their background or find people you know in common that can recommend them. Some apps provide profiles of drivers or feedback from their riders. It is also smart to connect with the driver (or rider) in person ahead of time if possible to establish any ground rules and get a sense of whether you are comfortable being in a car with them. There are a lot of good tips online related to carpooling safely, so take the time to read them before you decide to contact someone about carpooling.

One carpooling app used by some students in the area is called Wheeli. You can find it at

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