Faculty Profile

Malcolm Lippert, PhD

Professor of Biology

Harvard School of Public Health, Postdoctoral Fellow
Ph.D., Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Vermont
B.S., Biology, Hope College         

Areas of Expertise:

Genetics, Microbiology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Cancer Biology

Courses I Teach:

  • BI153: Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • BI205: Biological Communication
  • BI223: Genetics 
  • BI315: Microbiology
  • BI410: Senior Seminar: The Biology of Public Health
  • BI420: Senior or Honors Research

Recent Publications:

Lippert, M.J., N. Kim, J-E. Cho, R.P. Larson, N.E. Schoenly, S.H. O’Shea, and S. Jinks-Robertson. (2011). Role for topoisomerase 1 in transcription-associated mutagenesis in yeast, Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108:698-703.

Kim, N., A.L. Abdulovic, M.J. Lippert, and S. Jinks-Robertson. (2007) Transcription-associated mutagenesis in yeast is directly proportional to the level of gene expression and influenced by the direction of DNA replication, DNA Repair 6: 1285-1296

Lippert, M.J., J. Freedman, M. Barber, and S. Jinks-Robertson. (2004) Identification of a distinctive mutation spectrum associated with high levels of transcription in yeast, Molec. Cell. Biol. 24:4801-4809.

Ledbetter M.L.S. and M.J. Lippert. (2002). Glucose transport in cultured animal cells: an exercise for the undergraduate cell biology laboratory. Cell Biology Education 1:76-86.

Recent Grants:

  • NIH Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) 1R15GM079778 Transcription-Associated Mutation, 06/02/2008 - 05/31/2011
  • Vermont Genetics Network (VGN) Project Award for Faculty at Baccalaureate Partner Colleges in the VGN, June 2006 - June 2008


I serve on the Editorial Board of the Scientific Journal, Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis


Inducted as a full member into Sigma Xi


Inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, Hope College, zeta Chapter of MI


I'm the youngest of seven children in my family by only 2 minutes; I'm an identical twin.  This may be part of the reason why I enjoy Genetics so much. 

As a freshman in college, I had a work-study job washing fruit fly culture vials, washing glassware, and preparing media for the Geneticist/Microbiologist at Hope College

I love all kinds of music, especially jazz, folk, and rock.  Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, The Beatles and Bob Dylan are among my favorites.    

I love reading, both fiction and non-fiction. I recently read, Inside the Outbreaks by Mark Pendergrast.  I usually read whatever my sister Dency recommends; I've never been disappointed. I also read a blog about microbes called, Small Things Considered.  

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