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Tara Arcury

Assistant to the President

How did you come to your present job?

I started at Saint Mike's in 2001 as a departmental administrative assistant for graduate psychology, then for psychology, chemistry, biology, physics and English, all of those at once. After those two years I went over to the Dean's Office, first for former Dean John Kenney and then for Jeff Trumbower -- so seven years total in that office. I started here in May of 2012.

What do like most about working at Saint Michael's?

It's such a dynamic campus - I mean, I work in this environment where I get to go to lectures and events and plays, and that's exciting to me. And if something comes up in the news I have so many people to have great conversations with. I can't tell you how many times the president or other academic leaders are handing me articles on topics we've discussed. Right from my first job interview, I was so impressed since I could feel this was a special community, that these people felt an obligation to each other. It's extraordinary. Because we spend so much of our lives at work, I've always made it a point that I work in a place where I'm happy, and certainly St. Mike's is that.

What do you like about St. Mike's students?

I've slowly been working on my degree here, so classes are where I encounter students most. I just took two semesters of Greek - a small class of about eight students and really hard - but busy as I am, I just couldn't wait to go to class. I love their witty sense of humor, and they're so smart, yet willing to help each other - not competitive or cut-throat as you might hear about other places. It was like, "let's all do really well together." They're enthusiastic about learning, showing the professor respect while having fun at the same time. I chose American studies for a major because it incorporated so many disciplines. I love learning and going to the classes – I mean, who wouldn't? It's an unbelievable benefit.

How would you summarize your Saint Michael's College experience in one sentence?

Whenever I say how much I like going to work every day, the reaction to that statement reminds me that not everyone is as lucky to have such a vibrant work environment.

What's your favorite campus location and why?

One of my favorite things when I come to work each morning is that view from Founder's over to the mountain. Even after so many years, I say to myself every day, "gosh, this is a beautiful campus." They keep it very nice. And the chapel is a very peaceful place to be. It feels good to be there.

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