Staff Profile

Jim Farrington

College Architect, Associate Director of Architectural and Design Services, Associate Director of Facilities

What do like most about working at Saint Michael's College?

I like working for an institution that has a very strong and powerfully growing tradition, being able to have input that helps assure the institution has smart and well-thought-out growth.

What do you like about Saint Michael's College students?

I don't interact with students all that much, but when I do, I find them engaging and thoughtful. Over the years I've talked to a few students about architecture since they've thought about it as a career, and I always enjoy that.

What's your favorite campus location and why?

On one level it has to be the Pomerleau Alumni Center because I designed it. Beyond that I really like the academic quad because I like the idea that it brings almost every student to one location every day. Being that we emphasize a residential four-year experience, I think it's incredibly powerful that we have everybody coming to that fairly small part of campus during some part of every day. Most colleges have people going here and there, but here, in general, it's really hard not to be in those four buildings, so it's a unique place for daily coming together of the community.

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