New Students

Welcome to Saint Michael's!

Karen Talentinodawn ellinwoodWe welcome you to our learning community at Saint Michael's College, and look forward to helping you make your four years of college memorable and transformative. 

In order for you to be prepared for your life as a Saint Michael’s student in the fall, there are a number of things that you need to attend to over the next few weeks.  Please take the time to review the information on this website and on the New Student Portal page, and submit the necessary information so that you can be registered for courses and have a place to live in the fall! 

The most important steps you should take in the next few weeks are:

1. Log in to the mySMC portal with the instructions included in the welcome letter you received in mid-May so that you’ll have access to your St. Mike’s email account and the New Student Forms plus other important information.  Please note that from this point forward, most of our communication with you will be through portal announcements and emails to your SMC account, so it is essential  that you log on, get familiar, get started and check back frequently. 

2. Review our “Registration Overview” and “Suggestions for Selecting Courses” to prepare for completing your Academic Form.

3. Complete the Academic Form, the Student Life Form, and your Housing application online by June 15 (access the New Student Forms via the New Student mySMC portal page, and arrange with your health care provider to complete your required Immunization Form.)

Review the other information on this page throughout the summer and be sure to contact the following offices with any questions you have.  

  • Academic questions:  Associate Dean of the College – 802.654.2347
  • Student Life questions:  New and Sophomore Student Programs  -  802.654.2248

Dawn Ellinwood, Vice President for Student Affairs, Dean of Students,
Karen Talentino, Vice President for Academic Affairs,

Summer 2015


May 18

Receive MIKENET account information

Housing Applications available beginning at 10:00am
Receive an email to Saint Michael’s College email address with specific instructions

By June 15

Complete Forms (on New Student mySMC site):
Requires MIKENET access


  • Academic Form (includes Course Selection)
  • Student Life Form 
  • Housing Application
  • Immunization Record (paper) 
  • Collections Policy (if under 18) (paper)


  • Textbook Order Form (If you wish to pre-order textbooks from the SMC Campus Store, this form may be submitted after you have received your course schedule in August)
  • NCAA Athletics Forms (Required for Varsity Athletes)
  • Summer Optional Program POW* Application Form (paper)
  • Summer Optional Program SOAR* Application Form (paper)
  • Knight Card Application (paper)
  • Second Language Placement Test (online portion if necessary, see link for details)
  • Calculus Placement Test (if necessary, see link for details)
Mid-Summer Receive email to Saint Michael's College email address with information about how to upload a photo to be used on your KnightCard
June 22- July 24 Summer Advising and Course Registration
June 26 - June 28 POW* (Pre-orientation Weekend)
July 10 - July 12 POW*
July 15 Housing notifications begin (if online forms have been submitted)
Receive billing information for the fall semester
July 17 - July 19 POW*
July 29 - August 2 SOAR* (Summer Orientation for Academic Excellence and Retention)
August 3 Receive Course Schedule and Faculty Advisor information
Housing notifications begin for Transfer Students
August 26
International Student Orientation
August 27 Orientation Begins - Connect and Reflect
August 31 Classes Begin
September 18-20 Family and Alumni Weekend

*Optional program; fee

Summer Reading and Writing Assignment

Station Eleven

Each year, St. Mike's chooses a common text for the incoming class. This summer, you're required to read Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel. We think you'll enjoy this novel, the 2015 winner of the Arthur C. Clark Award, about a post-apocalyptic world where "survival is insufficient."

Reading this wonderful book is your first step into the conversation that is a liberal arts education. To help you enter that conversation, your first-year seminar instructor will ask you to write a response to the book; you should watch your SMC email and home snail mail in early August for your summer writing assignment, due the first week of classes.  (Students in spring seminars will get their letters over the winter break, but should read the book now.)

Additionally, in July we'll post on the SMC portal essays by three SMC faculty responding to the book. During orientation, you’ll participate in a panel discussion with these faculty, so your instructor will likely ask you to also read their essays and perhaps incorporate responses to them into your own essay. Most exciting, on September 3, Emily St. John Mandel will visit our campus. So you'll have a chance to discuss this book not only with your peers and faculty, but with its author herself.

So, as soon as possible, please buy the book, either at your local bookstore or online. The ISBN-10 for the paperback is 0804172447. Some copies will be available all summer at the campus bookstore, so if you’re on campus, you can also buy it there. But don't delay; read the book soon so that you can jump into the conversation that is at the core of a liberal arts education.

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