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Wednesday, June 13

Growth evident at summer research garden party

Hearing close to 40 students from across the arts and sciences articulately describe their newly begun research projects during Friday’s First Summer Research Lunch in the Teaching Gardens meant even more than usual for Saint Michael’s President Jack Neuhauser as his presidency winds down this month, given the priority he has placed on expanding such opportunities at the College.

Friday, June 08
Founders fisheye Brian

Founders Hall will be coming down, likely in 2019

Founders Hall, the most iconic Saint Michael’s building with sections dating to the College’s very beginnings, regrettably has outlived its useful life and will be taken down before the end of 2019. College leaders officially made their decision at the June meeting of the Trustees in a vote on the Operations and Audit Committee’s recommendation, based on years of studies and discussions that pointed firmly to the practical and financial inevitability of taking down the worn-out, weary and quirky brick-over-wood campus landmark.


Faculty and Staff Career News

Read what the faculty and staff of Saint Michael's College have been up to since late December 2017 when we last checked in with them through this online Faculty and Staff Career News periodic report. Publications, participation in conferences or presentations of work, collaboration on projects, special travel, honors and activism with professional, campus and civic groups from recent months (or upcoming) are all in the mix.
Wednesday, June 06
Aubin exterior

Building named for Fr. Aubin at last

Fr. Theophile Aubin -- the French-born Edmundite priest most directly responsible at the dawn of the 20th Century for Saint Michael’s College coming into being at its present Winooski Park site -- now has a building named for him on campus. The newly named Aubin Hall previously has been known since its 2013 construction simply as Quad Commons Residence Hall. The handsome and modern three-story 103-bed building, attached by a walkway to Dion Family Student Center in the middle of the first-year Quad, was dedicated under its new name and blessed with Holy Water on June 1, the Friday of Reunion 2018 Weekend.

Tuesday, June 05
edit closeup 280

Loung Ung talks justice, activism at her 25th

The author and Cambodian genocide survivor Loung Ung specifically credits her time as a political science major at Saint Michael’s College for kick-starting her role as an activist. Ung’s harrowing recollections of a family and home country torn apart by war have been met with global acclaim. On Saturday, back among fellow graduates of her alma mater, Ung provided commentary on her work in a more intimate setting; the Farrell Room in Saint Edmund’s Hall. In a question and answer session moderated by First Year Seminar Director Peter Vantine, alumni and staff sat riveted, eager to take part in the conversation.

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