SMC First Class proposed courses provide accepted students the opportunity to take a course taught by a Saint Michael’s College faculty member during their senior year of high school. To work around your busy high school schedule, these are hybrid courses. The majority of the class discussion, faculty interaction and course work will be conducted online through our Canvas learning management system.

All SMC First Class courses have an on campus instructional component on Sunday afternoon, February 25, 2018. This first class meeting is mandatory.

Lit. for Children & Adolescents

This is a survey course introducing literature for children and adolescents with emphasis on criteria for identifying and interpreting high quality fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. more

Our Sustainable Future

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary field, therefore this course will examine environmental issues from the perspectives of the humanities, social sciences, and the natural sciences.  more

Personal Financial Planning

Personal Financial Planning

This course covers key principles, processes, and techniques related to managing one’s own personal finances.  The goal is for students to make more informed personal finance decisions and be wiser money managers and consumers of financial services and products. more

Current Issues in World Politics

This course provides students with an introduction to controversies and debates in world politics, through both a theoretical and case study approach. more

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