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Maddie Craig '14

Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Westwood, MA

Maddie, an Anthropology major and Spanish minor began to look at the world differently through the MOVE service trips and volunteer options at St. Mike's. She developed her sense of the "wider world community" after studying a semester abroad in Peru and Interning with the Burlington peace organization,

"I'm grateful for all the things St. Mike's has taught me about living in the real world, about friends, about making connections and especially about volunteerism and service." more

Katie Schutt '14

Major: Chemistry
Hometown: Groveton, NH

Chemistry major, Katie Schutt ’14 is focused on finding a cure for breast cancer. Along with chemistry professor Shane Lamos ’00, Katie is investigating chemical tags in molecules that can be used to help diagnose, treat and cure the disease. Winner of the Goldwater Scholarship, Katie is now applying to top New England doctoral programs in systems biology.

“Without the scholarships, I couldn’t have considered Saint Michael’s as an option. I can’t imagine I would have been able to have the experiences I’m having here at another college.” more

Jack Downing '15

Jack Downing '15

Major: Political Science and Media Studies Journalism and Digital Arts
Hometown: Ossipee, NH

Like many students, Jack is piecing together his Saint Michael's tuition with a combination of scholarships, loans (public and private), and family contributions. Despite knowing that he'll be paying off loans for many years to come, he believes that Saint Michael's is worth the investment.

"My favorite aspect of Saint Michael's is the sense of community. There is truly a palpable feeling of togetherness among the students and professors. They are always available for meetings and are willing to go above and beyond to help their students. They want to see us succeed and provide the perfect environment to do so." more

Chris King '14

Major: Psychology
Hometown: St. Albans, VT

"Once you're informed, you're responsible."

Chris, a psychology major and first-generation college student picked up the phrase from his favorite professor, Dave Landers. He's putting the words into action during an internship at Winooski Middle School where he works with children suffering from emotional disturbances.

"Alumni support and a generous amount of financial aid made it possible for me to come here," says Chris. more

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