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Your Gift at Work

Bharti Singh ’16

Major: Biochemistry, Math and Computer Science Minors

Andover, MA


Great professors make a world of difference. When asked to describe one of the best things about her Saint Michael’s education, Bharti Singh ’16 mentioned involved professors who care about their students.

As for the value of her Saint Michael’s education, Bharti said “I know that going to a big school, the exams aren’t really so you can learn; it’s more to take the class and get a grade at the end. Going to St. Mike’s, I realized that this is a learning experience. It blows my mind that I know so much and that I still understand everything that I’ve experienced and learned throughout the classes.”

Bharti was able to work on cancer research under the guidance of Professor Ellis-Monaghan and Professor Pangborn during her summer research, made possible through donor support. Bharti contributed to research on bioinformatics and DNA origami. Bharti has plans for medical school and hopes to be working in the field of public health or biomedical engineering.

Bharti Singh ‘16

Your Gift at Work

Rachelle Chevalier ‘16

Major: Philosophy

Saint Albans, VT


Rachelle’s education at Saint Michael’s College was made possible in part thanks to a scholarship. And now, she hopes to educate the next generation. She wants to make her mark on the world by preserving instruction in classic literature, notably the Greek and Latin languages. Her dreams include becoming a professor of philosophy.

“I’d like to help people see the importance in thinking critically and thinking deeply, going below the surface of things, and striving for that in their relationships with other people, treating people as people.”

When talking about an influential experience during her St. Mike’s education, Rachelle mentioned Professor Kuklok in the Philosophy Department, who became her mentor as Rachelle considered pursuing philosophy at the doctoral level. For her, Saint Michael’s professors and the liberal arts curriculum expanded her knowledge and allowed her to dive deep into different subject matters.

Rachelle Chevalier

Your Gift at Work

Elise Genereux ‘16

Major: Psychology, Education Minor

Chelmsford, MA


“Community service is a huge passion of mine,” noted scholarship recipient Elise Genereux ’16. As a student, Elise was a leader both on and off campus, serving as a peer tutor and participating in MOVE. “I think community service is just invaluable, both to the community and you. I love that kind of interaction.”

For Elise, Saint Michael’s provided a sense of community, became a “home away from home.” Under the guidance of Professor Bang-Jensen, she undertook a summer research project to examine bibliotherapy as a resource for children. Of her academic experience, she noted “I like a challenge. It was those professors that inspire me to do more and to work harder that have been my inspiration.”

And Elise indicated her plans to keep giving back and said “I’ve been forever changed because of their influence on my life. I wasn’t the most confident person coming into college, but I’m definitely leaving a much more confident person. Their support and encouragement is really big, so I can only hope that I can do the same for someone else as they’ve done for me, because it’s been such an incredible part of my life.”


Elise Genereux

Your Gift at Work

Greg Hamilton ’16

Major: Chemistry

Upton, MA


Summer Research at Saint Michael’s allows talented students like Greg Hamilton ’16 to explore interests in their fields. Greg, for example, explored solvatochromism. Greg can easily tell you that it is a practice of putting dyes into solvents, and then analyzing and quantifying them for changes through various instruments. (Solvatochromism is commonly used in many fields of chemical and biological research.) 

When asked about someone who was influential during his time at St. Mike’s, Greg spoke about Professor Findley, who also guided Greg’s summer research. Greg spoke about Professor Findley’s willingness to spend time with his students.

Greg noted the benefits of a liberal arts education, saying “I was a chemistry major and was very much ingrained in the sciences…but I was able to take other classes that I’ve always wanted to take, like political science and philosophy.” Greg was also involved with MOVE’s extended service trips and Campus Ministry’s LEAP retreats, which helped Greg get to know some of the faculty and staff. “I do like a small school a lot.  A lot of what comes out are the personal connections and getting to know people.”

As a scholarship recipient, Greg indicated the support “definitely helped me out a lot, and that was one of the reason that made St. Mike’s more financially affordable for me and my family.”

Greg Hamilton

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