Candidate Attributes

The President will demonstrate a commitment to the College's mission and model leadership that is reflective of the core values widely accepted by the Board, faculty, staff and students. In addition, she or he will demonstrate an ability to build agreement with respect to strategic ideas and display the courage to make difficult decisions. The Search Committee welcomes interest from candidates from traditional academic settings as well as those from outside the academy, but specific attributes continue to be important. 

The President of Saint Michael's College will be:

  • An informed and engaged leader who embodies the ideals of the mission of Saint Michael’s College, with an appreciation for the distinctive culture and values of the institution and the ability to articulate those ideals persuasively.
  • A forward-thinking leader with an entrepreneurial spirit; a fresh vision; and an attitude that encourages the generation of new ideas, programs, and opportunities.
  • A person who values teaching, learning, and scholarship; who is committed to the liberal arts and professional programs; and who will consistently reinforce the importance of the academic program at Saint Michael's
  • A proven fundraiser, able to stimulate a robust culture of philanthropy at Saint Michael's and generate increased contributions.
  • A leader who focuses on students and genuinely enjoys interacting with them through participation in the life of the campus community, while also engaging enthusiastically with faculty, staff, alumni, and parents.
  • A strategic thinker and planner who will identify existing strengths, nurture creative priorities, build consensus around future objectives, and implement appropriate change in a manner consistent with the core education goals of Saint Michael’s College.
  • A skilled communicator who collaborates effectively with alumni across multiple constituencies and settings, and who recognizes the value of promoting the College’s successes in all forms of media.
  • An inspirational leader who hires well and values, motivates, and develops talent while establishing accountability for performance.
  • A person of intercultural competence, committed to diversity and inclusiveness in its many forms.
  • A strong administrator capable of empowering the senior leadership team and others in support of the Saint Michael’s mission.
  • A leader with a professional presence, energy, stamina, enthusiasm, humility, and a sense of humor.

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