Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries

1. QUALIFIED BORROWERS: All faculty at Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries (VCAL) member institutions are eligible to receive borrowing privileges at Saint Michael’s College.

2. VERIFICATION OF AFFILIATION: All candidates for reciprocal borrowing privileges must present a valid institutional ID and documentation from their institution attesting to their faculty status at the time of requesting privileges.

3. MATERIALS SUBJECT TO RECIPROCAL BORROWING: Reciprocal borrowing is limited to a maximum of 10 books from the general circulating collections of the Saint Michael’s College Library. No other materials are covered under this agreement.

4. LOAN PERIOD: Participants may borrow an item for 28 days.

5. RENEWAL: Borrowers may renew an item if it has not been requested by another patron.

6. RECALL: All materials borrowed are subject to recall by the lending institution when requested by a member of that institution’s community.

7. OVERDUE ITEMS: Overdue notices will be sent either electronically or by paper notice.

8. LOST ITEMS: Items not returned and declared lost will be billed at a rate of $55.00 ($50.00 replacement + $5.00 processing fees) per item. The home library of the delinquent borrower shall be ultimately held responsible for the payment of lost item fees.


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