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Graduate TESOL Certificate Program

Not sure you want to complete a full TESOL Master’s Degree but still want the core skills? The Graduate Certificate in TESOL is an option within the full MA in TESOL program. Students who do not wish to pursue a Master’s Degree or who have special training objectives in mind may find that this program best meets their needs.

How it works

Instead of a full 36-credit course load, Graduate Certificate students take 24 credits within the menu of TESOL courses and receive a Certificate of Graduate Study. The certificate can be earned over two summer terms, two semesters, or on a part-time basis. For students who intend to go on to pursue a MATESOL degree, all of the credits of your certificate may be applied toward your Master’s.


  • GSL 500 Foundations of Linguistics
  • GSL 502 English Grammar (plus 20 hours grades 7-12 grammar practicum)
  • GSL 506 Becoming a TESOL Professional
  • GSL 542 Introduction to Language Teaching
  • GSL 543 Teaching of Oral Skills in ESOL
  • GSL 544 Teaching Reading and Writing in ESOL
  • GSL 604 Second Language Acquisition
  • GSL 620 Testing and Assessment


For more information on our Graduate Certificate in TESOL, please contact Mrs. Emily Kayoi at

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